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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Do I Love You? (God asks)

James Cagle shares with us that
God loves us -

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I woke you ‘fore the break of dawn
That through the window in the pale moon light,
We could watch the doe with her fawn.

I met with you in our secret place
And gave you guidance for the day
I encouraged you with My faithfulness
I’d shown to saints in olden days.

I listened to your heart-felt prayer
And helped you pray My holy will
Then I sealed your heart with certitude
That knowledge of My Presence fulfilled.

I gladdened your heart with morning light
And a bird to sing upon the sill
A drink of cool water from the old well
And the beautiful flowers spread o’er the hill.

I sent the clouds that brought the rain
That it might refresh both you and the field.
With it I water my many flowers,
With it I cause your crops to yield.

I give you health, I give you strength
I guard and protect you along life’s way
I show that I dearly care for you
By watching over you day by day.

Yes, I send sorrow with the pain;
I sent those trials that brought you low.
All because I love you dearly
And because I want to see you grow.

I know your each and ev’ry burden,
I know the trouble that you bear.
I’m here beside you in the way
That I your heavy load might share.

I’ve also come up with a wonderful plan,
One I devised especially for you.
So very long ago in eternity past
I had such wonderful thoughts of you.

I gave darkness that you might rest.
I gave you peace in the night.
Though there were dangers all around,
You were never out of My sight.

In all these ways and many more
I show the love I have for you,
And though they’re often taken for granted
That does not lessen My love for you.

And if in spite of all these gifts
You fail to see My love for you
Gaze long upon Mount Calvary
Where I gave My Son to die for you.

This greatest expression of My love
I have given that you might see,
I gave the best of all that I have
To have you with Me eternally.

How Do I Love You? by James Cagle

          A Priceless Legacy

You could have come down from the cross
And spared Yourself great pain
For there was nothing stopping You…
Yet You chose to remain.

                                  You knew that someone had to pay
                                  The price for mankind’s sin.
                               You knew that if You turned Your back
                                  The enemy would win.

Despite the people’s jeering
And defaming of Your name,
You walked the road to Calvary
Enduring unjust shame.

You let them nail You to the cross
Without a word or sigh
So we could live eternally…
In our place You would die.

The priceless legacy You left
Is filled with love and grace…
You promise that if we believe
We’ll see You face to face.

                              © Frances Gregory Pasch
                                    Fran Pasch (her blog)

                                   (used by permission)

Double Vision: Seeing God in Everyday 
through Devotions and Poetry by Frances 
Gregory Pasch published by Lighthouse 
Publishing of the Carolinas.

Let’s pray:

   Father, James and Frances' 
messages today brings us to the 
realization that You indeed do
love us.

   Thank You for devising individual
plans for our lives, that shows us
Your grace, love, and provision.

   For the darkness at night so we can
get restful sleep, and for the rain that 
replenishes the earth, we thank You.

   Because of the ways you show love for us, help us grow in faith and trust in You. May we be more thankful today, after reading these poems. 

   May their thoughts inspire us to become more aware of Your presence, provision, and love, which constantly surround us. 

   It's in Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 42:6 "I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will help thee."

Today’s quote: Martin Wiles – “God sifts us and sometimes uses Satan as the instrument to do it. God, not Satan, controls the intensity and length of the sifting. The enemy can’t proceed one millimeter beyond God’s determined measure. His sovereignty provides the knowledge of just how much is needed to get our attention and move us where we need to be.” 

Some thoughts today: God surrounds you with people you need. He did not create you for boredom. It's work to be involved with people. We'll have to put up with their weaknesses.

- Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Consider the outcome; the affect it would have...

- Faith is for the place where sight fails us. We can learn to walk in the freedom found in Christ.

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Bountiful blessings (for comments)

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