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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#18 The Real Battle is Spiritual

C. Peter Wagner tells that
have been describing it, is a
new concept to the great
majority of American Christians.

Many are beginning to ask whether, given their traditions and training, it could ever be integrated into their ministry.

But Americans are not alone. Even Argentine pastors struggle with some of the same theological and practical issues.

I greatly enjoyed talking to Pastor Alberto Prokopchuk of the Los Olivos Baptist Church in the city of La Plata, Argentina, because I could identify so closely with his background.

His traditional Baptist ministerial training had not included a course in Spiritual warfare 101.

His ministry at Los Olivos Baptist was not much different from what we observe in so many typical churches in our American cities: goo, solid Bible teaching ministry; a relatively high moral standard; the fruit of the Spirit manifested to a reasonable degree and church members who pray, tithe, attend services, and witness to their neighbors when the opportunity presents itself.

All this, and no growth!

Under Alberto's ministry, the Los Olivos church had been stalled at 30 members for many years.

The Carlos Annacondia came to La Plata to conduct a crusade.  #11 Evangelist Carlos Annacondia Alberto and Los Olivos Baptist cooperated with the crusade. As they attended meetings night after night, they began learning about warfare prayer by observing Annacondia.

And they were deeply impressed with the results, not only the thousands who were personally healed and delivered from evil spirits, but even more so the 50,000 who made public decisions to follow Christ.

Nothing even close to this had been seen previously in La Plata.

Watching Annacondia and his team conduct the crusade was one thing—carrying this type of ministry over to a traditional Baptist church was something else.

One thing Baptists did know how to do, however, was to evangelize. So the lay leaders of Los Olivos approached Pastor Alberto and said, "Let's have an evangelistic crusade in our own church."

[Pastor Alberto didn't think he could actually preach as an evangelist, but he agree to their challenge. The first service resulted in no decisions for Christ. After agonizing to himself, Pastor Alberto listened to the inner voice to "Try it the way Annacondia does it!" He decided to give it a try.]

He prayed a strong warfare prayer and directly rebuked the spirits as he had seen Carlos Annacondia do so many times.

This time more that 15 people sprang out of their seats and actually came running to the front to receive Christ as their Savior and Lord!
Los Olivos Baptist Church has grown from its 30 members to more than 900. But that is not all. Prokopchuk has started satellite congregations in other parts of the city with an addition 2,000 members.

Needless to say, Alberto has been 'doing it like Annacondia' ever since." 

 #18 The Real Battle is Spiritual
By C. Peter Wagner
(pgs. 35-37 Regal Books

Pray with me:

   Father, I pray for our church
leaders, to begin to see the need
for warfare prayer.

   May we be involved to the extent that we will begin to see results in our services.

   Help me to avail myself to prayer that brings results among our people we minister to in my church.

   I ask this in the Name of Jesus, and for His glory. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Acts 6:4 "But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word."

Today’s quote: T. D. Jakes - "You have to keep the connections God's given you or you'll lose the supply of blessing."

- Some thoughts today: First, you are to be formed, (saved through believing in Christ's Blood sacrifice). Then, you are to be filled with His Spirit. You are to discover your function, so you can be useful in the local Body of believers.

- God will stretch you to make the connections you'll need. We are to learn to get along with people!

- Body ministry is every member finding their function. What are you doing? Make a sincere effort to participate in your local church.
(Notes from T.D. Jakes message)

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