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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#17 Fruit that Endures

C. Peter Wagner relates to
the last post from his book,
#16 Calling the Generals:

"What happened? The Harvest 
Evangelism #15 Plan Resistencia 
proceeded as scheduled with city -wide evangelistic events in August and October 1990.

Cindy (Jacobs) and Doris visited twice more. Edgardo Silvoso reports that the growth graphs of the churches in Resistencia took a decided turn upward beginning in April when the group prayed in the plaza.

In one public event, 250 people 
were baptized in portable pools. 

Crows of almost 17,000 packed into an open field for evangelistic meetings where objects used in occult rituals and witchcraft were burned in a 55-gallon drum each night.

The mayor of the city was reported to have made a profession of faith in Christ. Hundreds were healed physically and delivered from demons. At least 18 new churches were started.

Perhaps a weakening sign of the territorial spirits over Resistencia was the tragic fate of the high priestess of the cult of San La Muerte, the spirit of death.

Two weeks before the massive evangelistic thrust began in October, her bed caught fire. For some reason the flames seemed to be selective. They consumed only the mattress, the woman, and her statue of San La Muerte!

San La Muerte kept his promise of granting his followers a good death in the manner that would be expected of the father of lies!"

 #17 Fruit that Endures
By C. Peter Wagner
(pgs. 33-34) Regal Books

Pray with me:

   Father, help us realize the power

of our own prayers!

   I know that when I am with other believers, there is a sense of God's power, and I'm beginning to understand His ability to move on our requests.

   Make me more aware of Your presence with me, and lead me to be more willing to voice the needs I see around me.

   I ask for Your power to work through me and my friends. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 41:18 "I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water."

Today’s quote:
Kathy Collard Miller - “Nothing that happens to the child of God is a coincidence, and when we look at every situation and encounter as God-directed, we will more easily fulfill His plan. This knowledge should also make each of us feel needed, valuable, and important: We are fulfilling God’s purposes for His kingdom.”

Some thoughts today: Don't fret. Lean on, and trust in God. Delight in the LORD, commit your way to Him, rest in Him, and wait patiently for Him, and He'll direct your footsteps. Cease from anger Ps. 37:1-8.

- Ask God for His guidance and timing to face a difficult situation.

- Too many words mean, no one remembers anything. (Notes from Joyce Meyer's message 11/16/14)

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A popular post: Travail, What is It? Dutch Sheets shares with us, “Travail, what was it anyway? What did it do?  I knew what I thought it was, but I wasn’t satisfied.

Is it a valid form of prayer? I wondered. Is there really a prayer that births?"

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