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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Realizing or Memorizing

 James Cagle tells us: There is a great difference between realization and memorization, realizing something and memorizing something. 

 To mentally embrace a truth for which we have a lot of sentiment is memorization,  while stepping out by faith at whatever the cost to obey that truth will be realization. 

 We memorize verses in the Bible and yet never know the truth they embody in our personal life.

 We may quote scripture that concerns repentance and salvation by God’s grace, and still not actually know personally what repentance and being saved by grace is about. 

 We quote scripture concerning being filled with the Spirit and walking in fellowship with God, but still not know what we’re talking about.

 We are exhorted to memorize scripture in order to resist sins’ temptations, - "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." But God’s Word must be applied. We must "know" and "reckon" and "yield" (Rom. 6). 

 It takes realizing scripture to become mature in our faith. To do that we must not only read through the Bible, we must also think through the Bible and obey the light God gives us. 

  It’s through obedience to God that our will and minds become active, and we lose the passivity that usually accompanies memorization of scripture only.

 The difference between the first century church and the church today, is the first century church lived by the word and realized God’s power and blessing, and the church today has memorized the word of God but hasn’t realized the God of the Word and hasn’t experienced His power and blessing like the first century church did. 

 The first century church obeyed the truth at great cost and God became real to them in a most powerful life-changing way. 

 The church today has the facts, can explain how the early church succeeded in spreading the gospel, and has all the correct answers when it comes to what’s happening on the world stage, but because of her disobedience she hasn’t encountered God and impacted the world in the same way the early church did. 

 An honest answer from the heart would reveal that she hasn’t for the most part realized those truths she has memorized, and that their words have been emptied of their significance because they have no corresponding reality in the Christian’s life.

 Spiritual experience, and the reality of God working in our lives, come when we put our faith in God’s word and obey, and His word comes alive as we see His promises fulfilled in our lives. 

 Memorizing scripture is a good defense against sin’s temptations, but a better defense is a personal knowledge of the reality of God and His power that was gained through obedience to His word. 

 Through memorization of scripture we know about God, but through obedience to scripture we actually experience Him. There is a great difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. 

 There is a great difference between pointing out a path on a map and describing the way that path leads because you’ve actually walked it.

 For instance, many people can tell you everything the Bible says about holiness, love, joy, and peace, and not possess those things themselves.

 Memorization without realization of scripture through obedience doesn’t change the Christian’s life, and therefore doesn’t impact or change the world in which they live. 

 Memorization of scripture ensures that the Christian has all the correct answers to life’s questions and may make them feel superior and smug toward those in ignorance and darkness, but when the Christian begins to realize scripture, they will begin to bring those in darkness to the light. 

 The realization of scripture makes God real to me personally so that when I speak of Him, I speak with some authority because of my experience, and people believe me and trust God. It’s living by the truth that gives us power with God and man.

 It usually takes a valley or fiery trial for us to realize that memorization of scripture alone doesn’t suffice. But if while in our difficult circumstance we apply the scripture we’ve memorized, we will realize their real meaning as we see them enacted before us, and God’s power working to fulfill them. 

 Just because we memorize a verse of scripture, that doesn’t mean we actually believe it. The true test of our faith in God's Word is obedience to it, whatever the cost.

 And it’s only through obedience to God’s Word that we experience His fellowship.

 The Bible shouldn't be viewed as a technical book from which we should memorize all the formulas that address the many issues of life, so we can spew them out like a robot. 

 The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to me. He reveals Himself to me because He wants me to know Him and because He gave me the capacity to receive that revelation and the ability to follow Him in the way, which is fellowship. 

 In fellowship with Him I get to know Him personally, and by the help of the Holy Spirit, can tell and show the world what He's like.

Realizing or Memorizing  James Cagle

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Let’s pray:

   Father, we sure do need this reminder,
as we tend to forget that to believe what
the scriptures tell us is for us to make
it our own, not just to memorize it.

   As I attempt to memorize Your Word,
may I think seriously about what it says, and receive
 it into my heart as well as my mind.

   I need help is this, so I'm asking You to internalize what I read. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verses: Is. 40:29 "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength."

Ps. 27:1 "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"

Today’s quote: Phyllis Freeman – “God can help us overcome the enemies—sin, fear, anger, and doubt. At the point of need we’re given enablement beyond the powers of our enemy as we trust in a faithful God."

Some thoughts today: We fail to anticipate God's grace being applied in our trials. As fear isn't from Him, when it comes, we're to confront it with faith that God will overcome it and give us peace. Incredible grace comes!

- Fear can be the false evidence of reality. There are real issues of fear to experience, like our being in actual danger. Depend on God to show you what to do about it for your safety. We are to distinguish between the real and the false fear we'll know.

- We don't have to walk in fear. Let the water of God's Word wash over us, and give us His peace. (see Ps. 17:1 
quoted above )

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