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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Lesson of the Hula Hoop

Julie Ackerman Link has this to say: 
"One of my favorite childhood toys is making comeback—the hula hoop.

My friend Suzi and I spent hours on the front lawn perfecting our technique and competing to see which of us could keep a hoop circling our waist longer.

This year I relived that part of my childhood. While sitting in a park, I watched as children of all ages and sizes tried their hardest to keep hula hoops from falling to the ground.

They twisted and turned with all their strength, but despite their exertion the hoops landed on the ground.

Then a young woman picked up a hoop. With hardly any motion, she moved it smoothly and rhythmically up and down from her waist to her shoulders and back to her waist.

Her success depended on strategic movement, not vigorous motion.

In our spiritual lives, we can expend all kinds of energy trying to keep up with others in service to God. But working to exhaustion is not a virtue (Gal. 6:9)

Before feeding thousands of people with only five loaves and two fish (Mark 6:38-44), Jesus called His disciples away to rest, proving that He doesn't need our frantic exertion to accomplish His work.

The truth Jesus taught His disciples, He wants to teach us: Quiet obedience accomplishes more than wild activity. J.A Link

Help me, Lord, not to compare myself and
what I do with others. May I serve where You
want me to serve and do it in Your strength.
I love You and give myself to You.

Jesus wants willingness, not weariness."

Our Daily Bread

Let’s pray: 

   Father, I ask that You get my
attention when I'm too busy and
trying so hard to do so many
things "for You."

   Remind me that I need to take
time with You to see what it is
You want done, how, and when.

   I tend to get it in my head that I must do something quickly, when later on is really what You had in mind for me.

   I need to remember that I don't have to keep up with others in what they're accomplishing.

   I pray You'll help us wait on You for Your instructions for Your plan, and the real purpose of what we're to do.

   I ask this in the Name of Jesus, for His glory. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 119:169 "Let my cry come near before thee, O LORD: give me understanding according to thy word."

Today’s quotes: Mary Southerland - For years, I lived by the principle that busy people are productive people. It was only after I crashed and burned that I learned the eternal value of rest and stillness. This pivotal life lesson is stated in the simple words of a shepherd: Psalm 23:2 'He leads me beside quiet waters.' The psalmist writes this soothing promise from the perspective of a shepherd tending his flock of sheep.”

Gwen Smith – “We need spiritual mentors to take our hands as we face life and ministry challenges. Likewise, we also need to grab hold of younger spiritual hands for the journey: to bring them along in Christ, to help strengthen their spiritual muscles, to encourage, teach, and admonish.

Some thoughts today: Take truths from God's Word and activate them in your life.

- Lay hold of what you read in the Bible, and pray it into existence for you or someone you know.

- Ps. 139:13-17 tells us God knows who we are, how we were formed, and  how precious we are to Him!

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