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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mysterious Ways: A Friend on the Freeway

Brad VanderArk : I cruised down the wide-open freeway in my red Chevy pickup and glanced at the dashboard clock. 5:30 AM. 
Only a few hours till I’d arrive in Ellsworth, Michigan, my hometown. After a weekend in Detroit visiting my fiancé’s family, it was time to get back to work. 
I had a plumbing job at 9:00, sharp. I stepped on the gas, picked up speed, and… Pop! That noise didn’t sound good.
My eyes darted to the rearview mirror. A black rubber strip had whipped out from underneath my truck and fallen to the road behind me, dancing in a long coil as it settled on the asphalt. The engine belt!
I shifted into neutral and pulled onto the shoulder. Without an engine belt, my truck’s battery would die in minutes. I was the only car on the road, and I didn’t have a cell phone to call for help. Now what?
I needed a miracle. Or someone like my dad, a top-notch mechanic back in Ellsworth. Everyone there knew Keith VanderArk as the kind of guy who’d give a stranger the shirt off his own back. 
If he drove past a waylaid traveler, he’d do everything he could to get them back on the road and wouldn’t ask for a cent in return. People like Dad were a rarity.
I’d been stranded a good hour when an 18-wheeler pulled up behind me. A big, hulking trucker stepped out. “Mind if I take a look?” He popped the hood, examined my engine. “My son has an auto garage a few miles away,” he said. “Hop in.”
Should I trust this guy? I glanced at the clock. If I wanted to make my appointment, I didn’t have a choice.
A minute later I was at the garage. His son had the exact belt my Chevy needed, and they even offered to install it, on the house.

    “Where you headed?” the trucker asked.
    “Ellsworth,” I replied.
“I know a guy from there,” he said. “Once, my truck broke down along the freeway at 4 AM in a blizzard. I’d just started a new job. I thought that might be the end of it! Until a stranger stopped by, a mechanic. That guy saved my neck and wouldn’t take a cent.”
    “Do you remember his name?” I asked.
    “I sure do,” he said. “Keith VanderArk. Know him?”

Guideposts Mysterious Ways

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We are ever surprised at Your provisions! Forgive us when 
we fail to recognize each time.  Enable us to rejoice in how 
you continue to get us out of our scraps, (like misplacing 
         glasses and car keys). 
         We are grateful many times over during the day, at Your 

ability and concern in various ways to help us. May we 

be careful to give You the praise and honor for such times,
and may our hearts be always ready to rejoice at Your 
ability to provide! 
I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 62:5 "My soul, wait thou upon God; for my expectation is from him."

Today’s quote:   Lisa Buffaloe - "Living in the moment, trusting the Lord, trusting that His timing is perfect, and His ways are the best, brings freedom, peace, and joy."

Some thoughts today: Many plans of man God directs. We have to value the vision God gives.

- There are steps to take in order that the vision doesn't perish 
(Prov. 29:18).We are encouraged to not let opportunities slip through our fingers. 

- In times of darkness, we learn that the Lord can become close and dear to us. Trust him.

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