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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

# 89 Putting It Into Practice

C. Peter Wagner: "Experienced spiritual warriors have found 
that the more specific we can be in our warfare prayer, the more 
effective we usually are.

For example, Dean Sherman of Youth With a Mission says, 

   "God will show us the particular influencing spirit so that
    our prayers can be specific. We can then break these powers
    in the name of Jesus, and intercede for the Holy Spirit to
    come and heal the situation."

Sherman agrees that 

   "The more specific we are in prayer, the more effective 
     our prayers will be."

Urbanologist Bob Linthicum makes it a point in some of his urban workshops to have the participants identify the "angel of their city." They must name it, describe it, and discuss how it manifests itself in different aspects of the life of the city, including their churches.

He says,

    "The exercise always proves to be the most stimulating
     event of the workshop."

A feeling grows that the participants are understanding their city in a deeper way. Linthicum's conclusion is:

    "To be able to name your city's angel and to understand
     how it is at work both exposes it and enables you to 
     understand the dimensions the church's ministry must
     undertake if it is truly to confront the principalities and

This has much to do with why the first Walter Wink's trilogy on principalities and powers is Naming the powers.

Dick Bernal, one of the pioneers of contemporary strategic-level spiritual warfare, says, 

    "I cannot be too emphatic. In dealing with the princes
     and rulers of the heavenlies, they must be identified."

As Larry Lea prays over his church, he often addresses the principalities to the north, south, east and west of his church as persons. He says, for example,

    "North, you have people God wills to become a part of 
     my church. I command you in the name of Jesus to release 
     every person who is supposed to become a part of this 

In summary, although it is not always necessary to name the powers, if the names can be found, whether functional names or proper names, it is usually helpful for focusing warfare prayer.

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#89 Putting it into Practice
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 149 - 150) Regal Books

     Father, as we read this message from Wagner's book, may we begin to see the real need to pray for the surrounding areas of our churches. May we understand that folks are being stirred, possibly as never before, to seek You and find Reality.
    I see that to become more specific in our praying will be a big 
advantage to our prayer warfare. Cause us to sense what it is we are fighting in the spiritual heavenlies over our own areas, so we can be effective in our praying.
    I ask this in the Name of Jesus, the only one who can train and help us in praying for others. Amen.

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Today’s Bible verse: Ecc. 12:13 b "Fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of Man."

Today’s quote: Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "Staying young while growing old begins with your mind. Never stop listening to the Father or learning from His Word. Allow godly thinking to shape your attitudes. Be thankful, keep laughing, and rejoice in your Lord. Above all, keep believing and loving Him with all your heart." (Taken from In Touch, a publication of In Touch Ministries - April 2015 p. 56)

Some thoughts today: Jesus went to the deepest need of people: their sin. He had compassion, and showed it by addressing what they said their need was.

~ We're good at self-delusion. God shows us our actual condition. The Good News makes no sense until we identify our own need and allow Jesus to address the root of our issue. 

~ Jesus came into the world to save sinners like us. We need Him just as much today as the Bible folks did. The Apostle Paul realized his capability of sinning, and referred to himself as being "the chiefest of sinners."

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