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Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Prayed that God Would Take Away

I prayed that God would take away 
The pain that I was in
And then I prayed that He would also
Take away my sin

For in my mind I knew that I
Would blameless live for Him
If only all the pain was gone
That kept me in my sin

But then my patient Lord prepared
A path along the way
A very special detour
Where I could learn to pray 

Not for the one I call myself 
And all my special needs 
But for the precious soul for whom 
The blood of Christ still pleads 

And then the more I prayed for them 
The less I felt my pain 
And every thought was prefaced with 
The thought of Jesus's name 

For as I read within God's word 
The life that Jesus lived 
I realized the more that He 
Had suffered just to give 

A pure example born of God 
Of what we ought to be 
Until at last He gave His all 
And died upon a tree 

And as I read these words to me 
Of all Christ's suffering 
I found a precious promise that 
His Word is offering 

That if I will allow Him to 
He'll daily take my hand 
And lead me through the obstacles 
That block the promised land 

The obstacles of my own will 
That have control of me 
And block the vision that the Lord 
Desires I should see 

The vision of a holy place 
Where all is fresh and new 
And every pain I ever had 
Fulfilled its purpose to 

Prepare my heart to love Him most 
When He does come again 
To cleanse the world of every pain 
Eradicating sin 

And then as I will see Christ's smile 
And feel love's warmth in me 
I'll thank Him for the way we came 
Through every travesty 

So do not be discouraged friend 
Though life may seem severe 
Just hold by faith His precious grace 
That He has offered here 

And trust that He does love you more 
Than you can love yourself 
And will provide your deepest needs 
When you have lost all else 

And when at last that trumpet sounds 
You'll shout in victory 
And thank the Lord for all He's done 
To set this captive free 

2 Corinthians 12:9 & Philippians 4:19

     Lee Forbes
     June 4/15

 I need to be more compassionate. Please help me 
 see the pain in the lives of others. The more I 
pray for them, the less I feel my pain. Show me how 
to comfort others by letting them hear You in the 
words I speak. Let them feel Your love in the way 
treat them. Let them see You in me.
In Jesus’ name,

Today’s quote: Mary Southerland "If we can’t prevent pain, 
we can at least lessen the load with compassion. Allen Redpath wrote, 'You can never lighten the load unless you have first 
felt the pressure in your own soul.' To develop  compassion, 
we must be willing to feel the pain of others, responding 
as if it were our own." (July 8, 2015  I Feel Your Pain)

Today’s Bible verse:  Jer. 30:17 "For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds."

Some thoughts today: Once we are saved, we will begin to love things. Everything will begin to have a beauty we hadn't seen before, especially God's creation. The Spirit of God will give us new impulses.

-When old thoughts come up of old ways, we're not to feed into those thoughts. We are to walk in newness of life, and reprogram our minds to think God's thoughts, as we learn of His ways. (Eph. 5:10, 17).

- Be sure to find a Bible-believing church to fellowship with believers, and to receive teaching from God's Word. Don't allow your frustrations in life keep you from attending. Pray you'll find help and hope there.

                                                 Only Jesus

"Who knows each moment how you feel?
Whose love for you is always real?
Who cares for you and guides your way?
Who holds your hand so you won't stray?


Who's there when others turn their backs?
Who helps you get your life on track?
Who always wants to be your friend?
On whom alone can you depend?


Who's there for you both day and night?
Who soothes your pain and makes things right?
Who walked the road to Calvary
And gave His life, so you’d be free?


Who is Our Savior and Our King,
Our Counselor-Our Everything?

                     Only Jesus!"

By Frances Gregory Pasch 

 Double Vision: Seeing God in Everyday Life through Devotions and Poetry

Published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.
(Used by permission) 

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