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Saturday, August 29, 2015

What Is That to You?

Julie Ackerman Link: "Social media is useful for many things, but contentment is not one of them.

At least not for me. Even when my goals are good, I can become discouraged by continual reminders that others are accomplishing them first or with greater results.

I am prone to this kind of discouragement, so I frequently remind myself that God has given me everything I need to accomplish the work He wants me to do.

This means I don't need a bigger budget or the assurance of success. I don't need a better work environment or a different job. I don't need the approval or permission of others.

I don't need good health or more time. God may give me some of those things, but everything I need I already have, for when He assigns work He provides the resources. 

My only assignment is to use whatever time and talents He has given in a way that blesses others and gives God the glory.

Jesus and Peter had a conversation that got around to this subject. After making breakfast on the shore of Galilee, Jesus told Peter what would happen at the end of his life.

Pointing at another disciple, Peter asked, 'What about him?'Jesus responded, "What is that to you?"

That is the question I need to ask myself when I compare myself to others. The answer is, 'None of my business.'

My business is to follow Jesus and to be faithful."

Resentment comes from looking at others;
contentment comes from looking at God."
Our Daily Bread 6/13/15

Help me remember that when You assign 
work, You will also provide the resources. 
This means that what I have should be sufficient
for whatever You expect me to accomplish.
May I remember that what others have is really
none of my business. It could mean that I
can be of help to them at times, but am not
to desire what they have, but to be thankful
for my own provisions.
I ask for guidance in my attitudes, as I do
want to be right in Your sight.
In Jesus' name, I ask this. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse:  John 21:15-22 v. 22 "Jesus said to him, ' follow me.' "

Today’s quote: Bret Lott - "Like the Bible, the vast majority of our lives are made up of the stories we have lived through, that we have been told, and that we tell to each other. They unite us as individuals in personal relationship with our God, bind us as members of a family, and connect us as members of a community of believers." (Taken from p.40 of Bret's story, He Knows My Story, found in In Touch, A publication of In Touch Ministries / Feb. 2014)

Some thoughts today: If you don't think you need to be transformed, think again! Give that thought to God! (2 Cor. 3:18)

~ The Holy Spirit does the work, if you'll ask Him to. (Titus 3:4, 5)

~ We need to take our hands off our lives, and surrender them completely to God's re-making us, to become more like Him. We are responsible for what we do, as we'll give an answer some day when we meet God at death. He'll ask us what we did with the Salvation provided for by Christ.

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Is It The End or The Beginning?

By JillSavage on Aug 19, 2015 

Jill Savage: "Perspective.
It is the way we see something.
It’s the compass for our emotions.
It’s the change we sometimes need to get our head and our heart in a better place.
Perspective is something moms need every August as we wrestle with how we view our kids growing up.
So is their start of preschool, their new grades, their movement from one school to the next, their start of college an end or a beginning?.."

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