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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The preparation has begun


The Preparation has begun
The preparation has begun 
For those who long to see the Son 
Bring to an end the reign of sin 
The new creation to begin 

But there is much that must be done 
By not a few but everyone 
Who would expect to be set free 
From this dark world's iniquity 

For heart and soul must here be changed 
And cannot here remain the same 
Expecting heaven's purity 
To there allow for you and me 

Unless the Spirit of the Lord 
Can cleanse us of those sins abhorred 
By pure and holy righteousness 
For which our lips must now confess 

For nothing that resembles sin 
Or anything that is akin 
To selfishness will rise again 
When all is fresh and new from Him 

Yet somehow we imagine self 
Can sinful be against all else 
The scriptures teach that we must read 
Of how our Saviour came to bleed 

For sin is so abhorred by God 
He came to earth in Christ to trod 
The wine press of the wrath of God 
Revealing love upon this sod 

A love that proved His Word is true 
That everything we say and do 
Can here reflect the purity 
Admonished in His Law we see 

The Law that is the passageway 
If we by grace will wholly stay 
Within the precincts of His love 
The standard of His home above 

For if in heaven we won't find 
A spot of sin or lustful mind 
Then how can we believe that He 
Will take with Him both you and me 

If we continue here to hold 
Our passions and to be so bold 
To here deny the victory 
Proclaimed for us upon that tree 

So from now on my precious friend 
Declare by faith to bring an end 
Of sin in you by God's good grace 
That soon you might behold His face 

And with the saved of earth ring out 
With humble heart and joyful shout 
That Jesus won the victory 
And changed my life at Calvary 

(Inspiration taken from 1 John 2:28,:29)

Lee Forbes
June 10/15

     Father, my heart is for You, and I want to be sure of my salvation, so help me hear truth, and open my eyes to what You want me to see.
Speak to me through Your Word, the Bible, and plant it in my soul, so I won't ever doubt my salvation. 
I understand that Your Holy Spirit was given to me at my acceptance of Jesus, upon my repentance of my sins, having asked Him to save me.
I now ask for the infilling of Your Spirit, so I can become the witness You desire me to be. I thank You for this gift, as I know you'll be faithful to grant my request. I will expect the Holy Ghost baptism in Your timing.
May my life reflect the grace You've given to me.
In Jesus' Name, amen

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Today’s Bible verse: 1 Sam. 18:5 b,c "And behaved himself wisely: he was accepted in the sight of all the people."

Today’s quote: Pon Fang Chia - "Thankfully, God has given us His Spirit who will assist us in our battle with our sin. The apostles Paul and Peter called it the "sanctifying work of the Spirit" (2 Thess. 2:13; 1 Peter 1:2 NIV), Without His power, we are helpless and defeated; but with His power, we can have victory."  [Taken from Our Daily Bread reading for Aug. 13/15]

Some thoughts today: We can know our destination after death. God has a grand future planned for us, providing we've accepted His Son, Christ Jesus, as our Lord and Savior. 

- Are you washed in His Blood, and do you know Him in a daily relationship? Find a Bible-believing church and attend regularly so you can learn to relate to others there in fellowship, worship and service. This causes our faith to mature.

- We will reveal the depth of the mercy of God through our walking through various experiences and challenges with Jesus.

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