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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#87 Calling Spirits by Name

C. Peter Wagner: "Recognizing that evil 
spirits do have names raises further questions. 

How important is it to know these names? 
If we do know the names, should we use 
them in warfare prayer?

First, it is helpful to distinguish between proper names and functional  names. Kali, Iara, Wormwood, Artemis and Pele are examples of proper names.

A spirit of violence, the false prophet or a spirit of witchcraft are functional names, emphasizing what they do.

John Dawson, for example, associates a spirit of mammon with New York, violence with Chicago, and political intrigue with Miami. He says,

    "Getting the exact name of demons at any level is not 
     necessary, but it is important to be aware of the specific 
     nature or type of oppression." 

[From his book, Taking Our Cities for God, p.156]

This is confirmed by many who have ministries of deliverance on the ground level. I have observed what appears to be a pattern with friends of mine who have strong ministries of person deliverance.

When they first begin, they often provoke the demons to talk to them and reveal their names and activities. They find that in this overt encounter they can be more sure whether they are gaining the victory and when the demon actually leaves.

I believe this is a valid methodology. However, as they grow in skill, experience and spiritual discernment, many of them abandon this methodology and bind the spirits, refusing to allow them to speak, to give their names or to manifest in any way.

This quiet form seems to be equally, or in some cases more, effective. 

Having said this, we need to recognize that those who deal regularly with the higher levels of the spirit world agree that, while knowing the proper names might not be necessary, it is helpful in many cases.

The reason is that there seems to be more power in a name than many of us in our culture might think.

(Google image and emphasis added)

#87 Calling Spirits by Name
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 147-148) Regal Books

   Father, I ask for discernment in my praying for folks and their needs. Cause me to pray effectively in Your Name, so I can request what Your will is for them.
   I ask this in Jesus' Name, amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Daniel 7:18 "But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever."

Today’s quote: Gwen Smith - "When Jesus said “You may ask me for anything,” it wasn’t an open invitation for the will of man to reign. It was an invitation for man to participate in the will of God through prayer. It was about us asking for things that will bring glory to God the Father. Asking “in my name” is all about the will of God being done on earth as it is in heaven – not the whim of mankind."  What to Do When God Says No  (My emphasis added)

Some thoughts today: We need to distinguish between essential and nonessential habits. Become a student of the issues you are persuaded of, and realize that others do have opinions that may differ from yours. (Rom. 14:5)

- We tend to make issues larger than necessary, thus causing a division in our churches, which may hinder folks from learning what is most important: basic faith in God according to Scripture.

- The Bible doesn't address every issue directly. We'll need to see the high view of the Church, and remember that our law is Love.

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