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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Autumn’s the grandest time of year,
With countryside painted in colors galore.
Red, golden, and silver leaves falling;
Piling up high on the cold forest floor.

Spring brought life from the dead of winter;
Summer brought fruit and harvest of grain.
Autumn brought majesty, by woods adorn;
‘Til winter’s cold winds remove it again.

The forerunner of "Ole Man Winter";
It gives the warning he’s on his way.
Giving the sign and miracle of frost.
Telling us snow is soon on the way.

It is the time the creatures move
That they may survive the winters rage;
To deeper burrows and warmer climes,
As the geese sing their chorus across the stage.

It is a thoughtful time of year.
The harvest is in, and hearts are free,
To stand in awe at its brilliant splendor,
And thank the Creator who let it be.

To compliment the fields bright dress,
The sun comes forth in scarlet array.
Its royal blue with red makes crimson,
With lace sewn on by end of day.

The sun travels low, and from an angle.
Beams its rays through azure skies,
Through the shedding, moaning maples,
That send their leaves out far and nigh.

Autumn clothes the fields like nobles.
And crowns the hill; with gems it‘s adorned.
Golden pumpkins, and shocked russet corn,
Precious treasures waiting to be stored.

In autumn the chilly northerner blows
That’ll bring the change we longed for so.
Summer is past, the year is ebbing,
Now we can rest and watch the show.

Autumn’s the time to take a long walk,
In evening; with others, or all alone.
Down a meandering woodsy path,
Through the grand finale, before its gone.

Out of chimneys, wood smoke boils;
Then through the elms like mist it comes;
Finally settling like a light-blue blanket,
In the twilight, as families gather home.

Autumn  by James H. Cagle

(Used by permission, with pictures added)

Happy Autumn Day!

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