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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#97 Thinking Strategically

C. Peter Wagner: "As we look at the world, it is only natural that our attention is first drawn to nations as target units.

That is why I so strongly support James Montgomery's DAWN (Discipling a Whole Nation) Movement, a brilliant strategy to catalyze the Christian forces in each nation to evangelize their country by multiplying churches.

A more advanced set of target groups are unreached peoples, and missiologists are discovering within each nation fairly large numbers of diverse people groups, many of whom are virtually untouched by the gospel.

The other unit we need to look at when we develop evangelistic strategy, as I have mentioned, is the city. John Dawson says that if we are serious about discipling nations we must grasp their reality.

    'That means the gospel must transform the spiritual,
     philosophical and physical life of a nations's cities.'

He then gives a challenge, which I echo:

     'Let's lift up Christ's banner in the dirtiest, darkest
     places. Let's take on the giant of the impersonal, 
     looming city.'

The most sophisticated strategy for evangelizing a city we have at the present time is Edgardo Silvoso's Harvest Evangelism. (#13 Drawing the Battle Lines), In chapter 1, I told of Silvoso's first experiment in the city of Resistencia, Argentina.

Through effective warfare prayer, the number of evangelical believers in the city doubled over the course of the Plan Resistencia. (#15 Plan Resistencia ).

As I write, the city of La Plata is the current focus of a three -year effort, and I look for similar results there. 

It may not be long before numerous other cities in Argentina are involved in similar efforts for evangelization, prayer, spiritual warfare and church multiplication in their cities.

It has the potential for transforming a nation to a degree rarely seen in Christian outreach ministries of the past.

My wife, Doris, and I have been working very closely with Edgardo Silvoso in these cities, and from this experience, along with many other citywide prayer movements we have been directly or indirectly involved with, some rather clear guidance for this type of warfare ministry are emerging.

I call these Six Rules for Taking a City. I suspect there may be more than six rules, but I do not suspect there are less. My best advice is not to leave out any of these six rules if you are serious about making a permanent spiritual impact on your city."

(Google image and emphasis added)

#97  Thinking Strategically
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 162, 163) Regal Books

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I ask for strategic-thinking where I may
be most effective in my own ministry.
Enable me to consider Your directions 
prayerfully, and to search Your Word
daily for Your help.
Remind me that in prayer movements 
I have been directly or indirectly 
involved with, some rather clear guidance 
for this type of warfare ministry are emerging.
Open our eyes to the possibilities of
what You can do in and through each of us.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 52:10 "The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations. and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God."

Today’s quote: Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "Drifting can be subtle and hard to detect. Six questions can help you assess whether your enthusiasm for God remains strong:

  1. Do you have joy in the Lord and a desire to serve Him, share the gospel, and help others in need?
  2. Do you spend time in the Word daily?
  3. Do you pray, knowing that God is listening and working in your life?
  4. Do you faithfully attend church and tithe?
  5. Do you experience joy, peace, contentment, and hope in Jesus?
  6. Do you stand firm in your godly convictions?
If some of your answers recently changed from 'yes' to 'no,' your fire may be diminishing. Acknowledge this to the Lord, and ask for his help in fueling your passion." (Taken from p. 34 of IN TOUCH Daily Readings for Devoted Living for July 2015).

Our thought today: God's goal for us is to actually act out our faith.

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