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Thursday, November 5, 2015

#110 Avoiding the Pitfalls

C. Peter Wagner: "Strategic- level spiritual warfare is not for everyone. I was told the fighter pilots in the Persian Gulf War were under constant scrutiny for symptoms of fear.

If any showed up , even to the slightest degree, they were immediately pulled out of the conflict and sent back home.

Likewise, doing battle against the spiritual principalities and powers is not an activity for the timid or the fainthearted. It is a war, and casualties are to be expected.

I know very few, if any, veterans of strategic-level spiritual warfare who cannot tell stories of how they have been wounded in one way or another.

Doris and I began going out to the front lines in Argentina in 1990. Within months, we had the worst family fight in 40 years of marriage, we had a severe problem with one of our closest intercessors, and Doris was incapacitated for almost 5 months with blown-out disks, back surgery and knee surgery.

There is no question at all in our minds, or in those of the people who pray for us, that this was a direct backlash from the spirits who were so riled up by our invading their territory.

One of the most experienced spiritual warriors in our nation is my good friend Larry Lea. As I have mentioned previously, a great public victory came with his San Francisco Halloween Breakthrough in 1990.

Yet, the enemy managed to put Larry's name on the casualty list as well... [Wagner goes on to mention many of the things that happened to Larry...]  

And other things so bizarre happened that they should not be mentioned. He even wondered if he should continue his ministry.

Although I do not believe we can totally avoid the kind of casualties Larry Lea and I experienced, I believe we can minimize them as we learn more about strategic-level spiritual warfare.

America was amazed at the relatively few casualties in the Persian Gulf War. I hope we learn how to do spiritual warfare as well and that we see the frequency and severity of the casualties significantly reduced.

Nothing is wrong with making mistakes or failing. I don't mind failing as long as I keep my long-range vision, regroup after the failure, learn from my mistakes, move ahead once again and avoid making the same mistake twice.

Here is a list of common pitfalls of strategic-level spiritual warfare we need to be aware of and avoid to the degree possible."

[The next 10 posts will give us the 10 Pitfalls to avoid.]

(Google image and my emphasis added)

#110 Avoiding the Pitfalls
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 181-184) Regal Books

    Father, I understand that doing battle against the spiritual principalities and powers is not an activity for the timid or the fainthearted, so I ask for Your guidance in my participation of what our church is involved in.
    May I be mindful of what we're up against, and stay ready to pray for my leaders, that they'll be guided by Your Holy Spirit in every detail, as they proceed to acquire more territory to proclaim the message of Jesus.
    I ask that they'll learn quickly from others' mistakes, as well as their own, and be ready to follow Your leading. 
    I ask this in the powerful Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Mark 6:50 b "Be of good cheer: it is I: be not afraid."

Today’s quote: D. D. Gordon - "God shapes the world by prayer. The prayers of God's saints are the capital stock of heaven by which God carries on His great work upon earth." (Taken from p. 102 of Destined for the Throne).

Some thoughts today: Look at a situation with the heart of God. What does it look like in the Christian walk. (see Rom. 12: 9-21)

~ Is. 28:16 speaks of Christ's strong character. We're the Body of Christ, so are we reflecting His character in our daily living? What do others learn about Him through you?

~ Let the Bible dictate what is true righteousness. (see 1 Cor. 1)

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