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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#115 The Pitfall of Lack of Personal Intercession

C. Peter Wagner: "I believe intercession for Christian leaders is the most under-utilized source of spiritual power in our churches today.

   In fact, my next book in this series is projected to be on that subject.

   (My posts from Wagner's following book, PRAYER SHIELD, How to Intercede for Pastors, Christian Leaders and Others on the Spiritual Frontlines, has a lot of information, and I've made 112 posts from it!)

   My advice is that no one should become involved in strategic-level spiritual warfare without definite assurance of being covered with intercessory prayer.

   In the famous spiritual warfare passage in Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul himself begged the Ephesians to intercede for him
(see Eph. 6:19). He asked the Colossians for the same thing (see Col. 4:3).

   (You might want to check out my post from Wagner's book: Paul's Prayer Partners: Enodia and Syntyche)

   The forces of darkness certainly are all too aware of the power released through intercessors as leaders ministers in spiritual warfare.

   Within a period of just a few months, for example, I witnessed three leaders in the area of spiritual warfare, all members of the Spiritual Warfare Network, lose their number one intercessor: Larry Lea, Peter Wagner and Edgardo Silvoso.

   Each case happened under different circumstances, so Satan varies his tactics.

   (Wagner goes on to describe how an intercessor "allowed jealousy to creep in when an outsider came into his area and led in some very powerful warfare praying."
   Wagner continues with what Satan tempted the man with, as well as a possible automobile accident. The intercessor became frightened, and prayed for others to pray for him. God heard, and he was delivered from the temptation, and also saved from a serious accident.]

   The bad news is that (the intercessor), who previously was known as a powerful intercessor, has not been able to pray well ever since.

   Hopefully, this will turn out to be a temporary situation as was the case with Johannes Facius. Facius also admits this was one of his problems."

(Google image and my emphasis added)

#116 The Pitfall of Lack of Personal Intercession
By C. Peter Wagner
(p. 188) Regal Books
Let's pray-

    Father, may we see that spending time with You is most important, and to be taken seriously.
   Help us be careful to ask for folks to cover us in prayer when we're involved with serious warfare ventures.
   May they understand that we need Your help in praying for Your Spirit's guidance and enablement in our efforts for the Kingdom.
   We ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 

(Prov. 3:5) "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths."

Pray for your pastor: 

"Praise God for your pastor's leadership and pray that he will make godly decisions. Pray that he will lead with a shepherd''s heart, and that he will always speak the truth in love"(1 Kings 3:9; 1 Pet. 5:2; Rom. 12:6-8; Jer. 3:15).

Today’s quote:

Neil Anderson - "Sometimes we are tempted to think we can match wits and intellect with the god of this world. But we are no match for him in the flesh. Whenever we think we can outsmart Satan on our own, we are prime candidates to be let astray by his craftiness. However, Satan is no match for God. It is important for us not to lean on our own understanding, but to employ the mind of Christ and acknowledge Him in all our ways (Prov. 3:5,6; 1 Cor. 2:16). Taken from p. 169 of The BONDAGE BREAKER.

Some thoughts today:

~ What are your reasons you can't wait for God's plan to unfold, and you want to go ahead with your own?(see Rom. 8:26-28).

~ Feelings and emotions should not control us. We're to depend upon the Word. Worry comes when we can't do anything about something, and we expect trouble.

~ Think on the thoughts that contain faith, which create a healthy mind, and which benefit us in the long run 
(see Matt. 6:21).

By Diana Leagh Matthews

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Today's popular post:  

Oswald Chambers says, "Jesus is laying down rules of conduct for those who have His Spirit. 
   By the simple argument of these verses He urges us to keep our minds filled with the notion of God's control behind everything..." 

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