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Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Out-of-the-Body Experience

James H. Cagle"There are individuals who claim (whether we believe them or not) to have had an out-of-body experience, wherein they left their physical body and traveled to another place and then later returned to their body and recounted the ordeal. 

The apostle Paul it seems had such an experience when he was transported into the third heaven and saw things that he could not utter (2 Cor. 12).

Also in the account of Abraham, Lazarus and the rich man ( Luke 16:19-31we encounter three men who are out-of-body who converse with each other across the chasm that separated paradise and hell, with the same personality and individuality that they had while living in-body on the surface of the earth.

We first note that the personality and identity of each man is intact. They’re the exact same person that they were in their previous life on earth and they recognize each other. 

They’re real living persons and not phantoms. They have all their senses. They see, hear, feel, speak, and obviously think and reason. 

The rich man in particular shows he had his intellect and power of rational. He could think in retrospect, and by exercising his memory recall his past life (vs. 25). 

He could think in the present and by exercising his attention converse with Abraham. He could think in the future and exercise his imagination and know that if his brothers didn’t repent (vs. 30) they to would end up in hell. 

We see a moral agent with the power of will and emotion and the immortality of the human soul. These characteristic in man are patterned after Him who created man and Who knows all - past, present, and future.

All these things are seen as an "out-of-body-experience." For the rich man’s physical body along with his brain was lying in the grave yard as were Abraham’s and Lazarus’. 

But he with all the faculties and powers given to him by God was fully alive to the sufferings and torments of hell as Abraham and Lazarus were of Paradise and later would be of heaven (Mt. 27:50-53Eph. 4:8-10).

Our physical body is a temporary tabernacle for our spirit (2 Cor. 5:1-8; Phil. 1:23; 2 Pet. 1:14). When the body dies the spirit will leave and go to another level of existence and the body returns to the earth from which it was made (Gen.2:7;

The account of this intelligent dialogue that took place in the unseen world by three disembodied men who previously lived as we do today on the surface of the earth in a physical body clearly illustrates the fact that life is real beyond the grave.

And that we will be very much alive and conscious of our surroundings and personally experience the torments of hell or the blessings of heaven.

All bodies will one day be occupied again by that self-same spirit that previously occupied it. But our bodies will be changed and altered to suit our eternal abode. 

The saved will get a glorified body like Jesus had after His resurrection (I Cor.15:42-58; Phil. 3:21). 

And the unsaved it appears will receive a body that will be able to endure the horrors of the lake of fire for all eternity." 

An Out-of-body-Experience by James H. Cagle

    Father, it may not seem realistic to some to have out-of-body experiences, but may we not doubt that it does happen at Your discretion.
    We're to learn from their times like this, to realize that You're really in control, and that You've a lesson for us in each one.
    Open our understanding in this subject, so we don't miss what is You intend us to see in it.
    I ask this in Jesus' Name, and for his glory. Amen.

I (Jean) had an out-of-the body experience many years ago, when working at the nursing home our church owned and ran in PA. I was upstairs in the office, working on the scheduling of all the workers.

The Presence of the Lord became very strong, I laid down my pencil, and began to rise up out of my body. Above the room, the Lord said, "Come away". I answered, "But Lord, there's so much to do!" He said, "You've done what you could. Come away".

Sometime later, my husband called to say he was coming after me and our son, to come live with him again (as we'd been separated). I saw that it was the thing to do, because of the experience I'd had. He came, packed us up, and we left.


Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 7:17 "I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness; and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high."

The Bondage Breaker, New Edition   -     By: Neil T. Anderson

Today’s quote: Neil T. Anderson - "We are vulnerable to Satan's lies if we fail to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5). Taken from p. 167 of his book, The Bondage Breaker 

Some thoughts today: God is able and right, to judge every motive, thought and action. He see the whole picture, and He knows how everything fits together, and will judge our reactions accordingly. We only see what's in front of us, and what we think is happening.

Thank God that His mercies are new every morning! It's for sure, we need them!

When we suffer physically, emotionally or financially, may it propel us to God. He waits to give comfort, guidance and help in our situations.
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