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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Prepared to Give His Life Away


Prepared to give His life away 
To save the souls of men 
The Saviour came a Baby born 
To touch the hearts of them 

With love from God that would not fail 
To pay the greatest price 
As on Himself He took our sins 
A willing Sacrifice 

And yet so many in this world
Refuse their eyes to see
The beauty of the Majesty
That died for you and me

For fear they'll be convicted
Of the sins they harbor here
That caused the anguish of the One
Who gave His life so dear

A life that measured with the One
He came to illustrate
The Father of eternity
With love so full and great

That He would not withhold
The smallest inkling of His all
To ransom those who turned on Him
When they did choose to fall

And so we see within this child
Of beauty come to life
A fascinating substitute
To save us from the strife

That sin has brought upon this world
But soon will meet its end
When Jesus comes a second time
To welcome home His friends

The ones who've come to know Him
As their Conqueror and King
Who will in all His majesty
Bring light to everything

That once was only darkness
That controlled the souls of men
Who only sought to serve themselves
With all God shared with them

So friend do not be worldly wise
To turn this Gift away
The gift of God's conviction
That will bring you to His Way

But ask Him to reveal to you
The mighty depths of love
That caused the heart of Him Who died
To leave the courts above

And come to be a Baby
That would grow before all men
As evidence of love divine
That God would live in them

Luke 2:1-20

                                                 Lee Forbes
                                                   December 1/15 

    Father, such love You've shown us! Thank You for giving us the One who is able to save us from our sinful ways.
    May we consider the great sacrifice You've made for our sins; Christ's life among us as a man, His dedication to Your cause to save us, and His sacrificial death. 
   His being raised from the dead is his how Your Life is made available for us. Thank You for enabling Jesus to offer this great gift! We only knew darkness and hopelessness before He came.
    We can now know that Jesus has made a way for us to have our sins washed away and to be holy in the Father's sight.
    May we not be ashamed of what He has done, and may we be bold in sharing it with others in whatever way You direct each of us.
    I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Matt. 12:18 KJV "Behold, my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall show judgment to the Gentiles."                        
Today’s quote: David Roper -  "Perhaps you feel as though your life has become a dump—a mess beyond hope. If so, you need to know that there is someone who lives you and waits to redeem and reclaim you. Give Jesus your heart and ask Him to make you pure and clean. He may tumble you a bit, and it may take time to smooth away the rough edges. But He will never give up on you. He will make you into one of His jewels! (ODB 12/2/15)

Some thoughts today: The main issue is sin in our lives. The solution is Jesus. Ask Him to come and help clean up your life. 

There's no other one to rescue us from our sin, and no other way back to God, except through the Atonement made by Christ at the cross some 2,000 years ago. (see Acts 4:12)

~ When you're enjoying the beauty of creation, keep in mind that the Creator made it all for you to enjoy. Give Him praise. He well deserves it!

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