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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Celebrate The New Year!

Lisa Buffaloe: Regardless of the good, bad, or ugly in 2015, we can 
celebrate a new year. 

We can celebrate what God has done.

We can celebrate the salvation we receive from Jesus Christ.

We can celebrate and gratefully remember God’s grace and mercy. 

Celebrate God’s forgiveness and loving-kindness. 

Celebrate that God continues to work with you and for you–for your best 
and for eternal purposes. 

Celebrate that even in the hard times, the illness, the loss, the 
unwelcome change, God is with you and won’t ever leave you.

Celebrate the New Year
Celebrate – because celebration reminds and 
warms the heart. 

Celebration rekindles the fires and passion. 

Take time to celebrate that your time is eternal in Christ. 

Celebrate God.

Celebrate who He is. 

Celebrate that you are His!

Celebrate, because you are loved 

by God!"

Lisa Buffaloe's Blog  Celebrate The New Year!

Posted: 01 Jan 2016 

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 51:9 a "Awake, awake, put on strength, O 
arm of the LORD."

Today’s quote: "Satan's tendency is always to push us toward one extreme or the other; deadness or fanaticism." (p.152 of Jim Cymbala's Fresh Wind, Fresh 

Some thoughts today: Be saturated with the Word of God,
and you'll find it marks you with the presence of God!

It's time for us to get a fresh picture of what God wants to do, not just to 
tell Him what needs to be done.

~ In the heart of the believer are eternal interests. If you don't have them, 
ask God to help you become a believer in His Son's atonement of salvation, 
which He accomplished on the cross of Calvary. (Check out the following 
popular post-)

A popular post: Rescued! C.P. Hia 
relates how that "Manuel Gonzalez was the first 
rescue worker to reach the 33 miners trapped for 
69 days in a Chilean mine explosion in 2010. 
At great risk to his own life..." 

    Father, with the new year of 2016 already started, I ask for Your wisdom to be mine.

   I celebrate and gratefully remember Your 
and mercy, and may I celebrate Your forgiveness and loving-kindness toward me, personally. 

    I'm thankful for all You've done and plan 
to do. As I look ahead, may I see Your glory all 
around me.

     I ask for renewed daily grace to honor and obey Your Holy Spirit, Jesus.

     It's in Your Name I pray. Amen.

(Google image of balloons and woman praying, along with my emphasis, are 

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