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Saturday, January 16, 2016

What are Godly Decisions? Part 2

Jean Oathout continues her theme of godly decisions for folks who may, or may not be a Christian. She's also included some of her related blog posts that may be of interest:
  • Faith- We all have faith in something. That is a known fact. But what is it you have your faith in, and will there be any eternal satisfaction in what you choose? ( see He Meets Us Where We Are by Tracy Crump).
  • Hope- The question of what you hope to have happen may show your faith's direction. (see A Special Kind of Seeing, by Richard Bastille)
  • Choices- Do your choices honor God? If you're a Christian, you've been bought with a great price, and you're not your own. God's grace abounds for us to take advantage of, to make godly decisions. (see Making Right Choicesby Mary Southerland)
  • Mate- What are we looking for? Is there a deep-seeded faith and trust in his/her Maker? (see A Husband Needs a Wife by Elaine W. Miller, see her book on this link. It's an excellent book, and I highly recommend it to you!)
  • Possessions- Are we satisfied with what we have, or do we want more? Do we envy what others have, or is there a peace that God's provision for us is sufficient, at least for now. He may well have much more in store for us in response to our willingness to trust His judgment. 
(see Finding What We've Always Wanted by Sharon Jaynes)
  • Knowledge- What is it that we take the time to read, study or watch? Will it improve our intelligence? or does it actually rob us of what could improve our thinking, attitudes and opinions. Very few TV programs offer this... Many DVDs have language that's offensive, not faith-building, as well as stories that promote aggressive behavior, stress, and are definitely not God honoring. Will we set standards for ourselves, and stick to them?
  • Places we go- What is it that draws us there? Are we willing to participate in what goes on? Are we just wasting time? Is it meaningful to us?(see Ps. 34:7; 37:23).
  • Ears- Do we monitor what we tend to listen to? Is it what will build up our resolve to become people who display integrity and a faith that influences others towards godly living, and which please the Almighty? 
  • Worship- When we attempt to get involved in true worship, is it genuine, or are we trying to impress others, or even God? He is interested in true worship from our hearts, offered with a spirit of love for Him.
In case you haven't read Part 1, check it out: What are Godly Decisions? Part 1

Today’s Bible verse: Prov. 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Today’s quote:  "Please root out any thoughts that are counter-productive to godly living." (p.54 of Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe). Sharon Jaynes

"Instead of following your own preferences, choose to live a life ruled by godly convictions. Scripture says much about what's most important in life. See if God's principles and promises hold true. Through prayer and study, allow the heavenly Father to firmly root you in solid biblical convictions." Dr. Charles F. Stanley (as taken from p.24 in the IN TOUCH Daily Readings for Devoted Living, Jan. 2016)

Some thoughts today: Get your theology straightened out. We are all guilty of sin, but know this; there's forgiveness and justification available through Jesus' atonement on the cross.

~ The law is powerless to save, but it does show us the need of salvation. It is a school master. Righteousness doesn't come through trying to keep it.

Grace is a free gift from the Father. It is not earned, but 
we do need to have a right relationship with Him when we ask for His help.

    Father, I see that my efforts to make godly decisions are important to You.
    As I progress through each day, may I become aware of what You'd want me to choose to do.
    Help me to be attentive to what I watch, read, hear and do, so that I'll lead a life that honors Christ.
    I ask this for Your glory in the name of Jesus. Amen.    

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