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Sunday, July 31, 2016

God's Desire for Us

I'll speak the desires I have for thee
When once we meet on bended knee
And there I find the heart that's thine
Is ready to be wholly Mine

For often you have asked of Me...
What does My heart desire of thee
While yet you hold control and sway
Of all you do and all you say

But if you truly want to know
What I desire to fully show
The hopes and plans I have for thee
Then you must give your all to Me

For limits that a man may set
Determines just what he will get
To know of what I've done for men
And how much more I've planned for him

For how can one begin to see
My limitless eternity
If he will in his box remain
Where everything remains the same

From dawn of every passing day
Til dead of night I hear you say
Oh Lord please show me what to do
While constantly I'm calling you

To let your heart and soul and mind
Without restraint of any kind
Be wholly and completely free
Abandoned only all to Me

And then I can begin to show
What I have planned for you to know
Beyond all things you now might see
When you give all your heart to Me

That realms of glory will be yours
And peace and joy with Me of course
As our hearts are entwined as one
And heaven's kingdom has begun

To open wide for you to see
What lies ahead for you to be
As you like Christ My blessed Son
Reflect how God can live in one

Who daily meets Him on his knees
Obeying all from Me he sees
Revealed so fully in My plan
Through scripture truth in holy hands
Matthew 22:37 & Psalm 119:11, 105

Let's Pray-   

    Father, we do long to know the plans you have for us beyond what we can see.

    Help us give You all our hearts, and to be assured that You know what lies ahead for us.

    We desire to become like Jesus, Your blessed Son, so peace and joy will come, as we reflect how You can actually live in us.

    I ask this for Jesus' sake and glory. Amen.

Today’s Bible verses-

(Ezra 9:9 a NKJ) "For we were bondmen; yet our God hath not forsaken us in our bondage, but hath extendeth mercy unto us."

(Ps. 119:105 CEV) "Your word is a lamp that gives light wherever I walk."

Today’s quote- 

"Sometimes we do need to just turn it all off and rest our minds for a little while, we simply need to "unplug." Jesus often drew aside for a time—especially when He wanted to take time to pray (Matt. 14:13). 

He encouraged the disciples to step away as well—even for a brief time (Mark 6:31). That kind of solitude and time for reflection is beneficial for each of us. In those moments we are able to draw near to God.

   For example and wisdom of Christ, get away by yourself and "rest a while." It will be good for your body, mind, and spirit." Cindy Hess Kasper

   "Father, help me to seek those things which are from above. I want to turn off all that distracts me and draw near to You.  

Turning down the volume of life allows 
you to listen carefully to God."
                                     (ODB, 8/23/15)

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