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Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Lesson Learned

Marion Stroud: "Mary was widowed and 
facing serious health challenges when her daughter invited her to move into the new 'granny apartment' attached to her home.

Six months into her new life, the initial joy and contentment threatened to slip away as she was tempted to grumble inwardly and doubt whether the move was really God's perfect plan..."

She missed her Christian friends, and her new church was too far away to get to independently.

Then she read something that the great 19th-century preacher Charles Spurgeon had written. 'Now contentment is one of the flowers of heaven, and it must be cultivated,' he pointed out.

'Paul says..."I have learned to be content," as if he didn't know how at one time.'

Mary concluded that if an ardent evangelist like Paul, confined to prison, abandoned by friends, and facing execution could learn contentment, then so could she.

    'I realized that until I could learn this lesson, I 
    wouldn't enjoy those things God had planned,'
    she said.

        'So I confessed my inward grumbling and asked
         for His forgiveness. Soon after that a newly retired 
         lady asked if I would be her prayer partner, and
         others offered me a ride to church. My needs for 
         a 'soul friend' and greater mobility were 
         wonderfully met.' "  Marion Stroud

"God doesn't always change our 
circumstances, but He will change us."
(ODB, 7/11/16)

Let's pray-

   Father, may we look to You for provision of our needs, and to expect You to hear our prayers, and bring the solutions best for us.

A grateful thought towards Heaven
is of itself a Prayer

   Help us be patient while we wait, and to not allow any grumbling or complaining to enter our thoughts and spirits.

   We understand that You've been working a long time on each provision, as things don't just happen to "come together" right when we ask for them.

   As You've asked us to ask for Your direction and help, may we learn to come to You quickly, as we don't want to miss what You're planning for us (when we do ask for help).

   I ask this in the Name, and for the glory of our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Today's Bible verses-

(Hosea 14:9 b KJV) "The ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them."

(Hosea 10:12 CEV) "Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers righteousness on you."

Today's quotes-

"(Hosea 10:12) gives great hope to us today. When we have broken up the unplowed ground in repentance and begin to seek the Lord with all our heart, then the promise comes. It is the Lord Himself who comes in response to a repentant, seeking heart - ready to shower His righteousness upon us."

"God's Word says to sow righteousness - sow right things. We must speak right things, watch right things, read right things, and do right things. The Bible becomes the means for us to see what those right things are. God's Word gives us a standard for righteousness. Righteousness is not what seems right to a man, but what is right to God." Dave Butts [Both quotes taken from Herald of His Coming Newspaper, Vol. 75 No. 5 (893), p. 6, used by permission.]

"I wish I knew when I was younger that only Jesus provides the contentment my soul seeks. Now, with Him in my heart, I experience lasting joy every day and the certainty of spending eternity with Him." (Published in Pathways to God ©Frances Gregory Pasch)

Today's testimony

    A few weeks ago, I (Jean) was picking up trash in the Madrid park, when I met a young woman sitting on a bench in the pavilion. After a short time of visiting with her, I mentioned the recent Rock and Gem gathering that had been held in the Canton park. I mentioned my disappointment in not getting to go, as I had wanted to see a 95-yr. old friend who comes each year.

   His name being Bruno, I was surprised when she mentioned speaking with an elderly man by the name of...
Bruno. You can imagine my surprise when she said his name! I'd wondered if he was still alive, so was grateful to know that he was. Isn't God good to answer our questions, even though no one else knows of it?

Man and Woman 4 Web
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He's enjoying himself.
Such beauty!

31-day Devotional my personal story

Sample poem from p. 14-

"In my book may God show His way
   To help you with your need.
Please let Him guide you through each day
   As these pages you read..."

 A great gift for someone who may need help to 
prepare for marriage, and for those in a 
marriage, wanting some helpful advice.


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