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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wake-Up Call - Mysterious Ways

Nikki Storment shared this with us,

"I might as well have been driving by myself. 

We were near the end of a two-hour trip from our home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to my in-laws, in Parsons, Kansas. 

Glancing round the car, I saw that my husband, Jeremy, was fast asleep and our two children, seated in back, might as well have been. 

They were staring off into space. 

It didn’t surprise me. Driving across the Great Plains could put anyone to sleep. 

Which is why we had all prayed before backing out our driveway, God protect us.

I was growing tired of the sameness of the scenery, myself. 

Empty land in every direction. Time, I decided, to get where we were going.

I turned off onto a shortcut I knew–a gravelly back road that would shave about 15 minutes off our trip. 

We were almost there. Just another few minutes. 

Off in the distance, I was happy to see, was a break from the sameness. A stand of bushes and trees. A welcome distraction, I thought. 

I smiled and drove toward them, thinking of the greenery in our own yard back home.

I was almost upon the stand when suddenly, from beside me, Jeremy shouted, 'Train! Stop!'

I was so startled, I jammed on the brakes. And then watched as five feet in front of us, a freight train barreled by. 

My heart was beating as if I’d just run a marathon. 'I’m so sorry, honey,' I said. 'Those trees and bushes are like camouflage. I never saw the tracks.'

I was about to say something else when I stopped and eyed Jeremy. 

'Wait a minute. You were fast asleep,' I said. 'Your waking up right then saved our lives.'

Jeremy just sat there, shaking his head. 'I was asleep, Nikki,' he said. 'It must have been….'

I knew exactly what Jeremy was about to say. I closed my eyes, raised my head to the heavens and smiled."

By Nikki Storment, Branson, Missouri

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Prayer for today: Father, there are no doubt times that You've saved us, too! Thank You!

Scripture recommended for
  When you're facing a crisis, read Psalm 46.

Today’s quote: John Calvin – “No one can well perceive the power of faith unless he feels it by experience in his heart.”

Our thought for today: It takes grace to walk out the gospel in your everyday circumstances.

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 "Lord, keep my pastor in the fear of You. Bind the fear of failure and people. Give my pastor boldness to confront sin and other threats to the church. Enable ___________ to remain confident even when others resist the gospel or his/her vision. Honor ____________'s stand for You, and come to the rescue when others oppose him/her". Prov, 19;23; John 14:1; Heb. 12:3; Psalm 35

[This is taken from "Scripture-Based Prayers to PRAY FOR YOUR PASTOR" by Terry Teykl]

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