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Thursday, July 3, 2014

#98 How to Pray for Pastors

C. Peter Wagner - "I own several 
prayer guides for leaders prepared 
by mature intercessors.

As I examine them, I discover that  
personal intercessors have reached 
a general consensus about what 
to pray for.

The guides presuppose that the intercessor has moved into the presence of God through worship and praise; they have a close communion with the Father; and their prayers are consistent with the Word of God.  

The manuals also state that they should not be regarded as formula for prayer, but as outlines that should be used with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

The guide I find most helpful was prepared by one of our I-2 intercessors, Elizabeth Alves, president of Intercessors International.

It is found in a section of the Prayer Manual published by Intercessors International called 'Daily Prayers.'

Each day lists a topic with subtopics, Scripture passages and written prayers.

According to the way God is leading, intercessors will use any or all of the three categories.

Beth Alves's desire is to provide an aid so that intercessors can 'be obedient and faithful in 'standing in the gap' on behalf of missionaries, ministers, and spiritual leaders assigned for prayer.

Her general outline goes as follows:

   Sunday:  Favor with God (spiritual revelation, anointing, 

   Monday:  Favor with others (congregations, ministry 
                  staff, unsaved).

   Tuesday:  Increased vision (wisdom and enlightenment, 
                    motives, guidance).

   Wednesday:  Spirit, Soul, Body (health, appearance, 
                        attitudes, spiritual and physical wholeness).

   Thursday:  Protection (temptation, deception, 

   Friday:  Finances (priorities, blessings).

   Saturday:  Family (general, spouse, children).

I like what Will Bruce says in his brochure, 'Pastors Need Prayer, Too,' 'No matter how well you pay your pastor, praise him or work for him, it is only through earnest, strategic prayer that you can ever really help him be an effective minister in the hands of almighty God.' "

#98 How to Pray for Pastors,
 in the series  taken from C. Peter 
Wagner’s book, PRAYER SHIELD
How to intercede for pastors,
Christian leaders and others on the
Spiritual frontlines. (pgs. 176-177) 
By Regal Books

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Let’s pray:

   Father, I see that we have guidelines now, to help us be more effective in our praying for our pastor and leaders.

   Help us plan our prayers to cover their needs all through the week.

  I admit I need Your help in praying for others.

   I ask for You to enlighten me with the concerns You have, so I can be open and ready to pray for leaders of my church, town, and country,

   I pray in the holy Name of Jesus. Amen

Today’s Bible verse: Jer. 29:12 "Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you."

Today’s quote: Angie Arndt – “God created seasons so that life would continue on this ol’ planet. Plants need a certain amount of rain, sun, and space in order to bud, flower, and bear fruit. We have seasons in our life as well. But even when we think we’ve reached the fall or winter of our life, God can still use us to bear fruit for him.”

Some thoughts today: Every day is to be faced as a new day, as there are no “cookie cutter” days. Each day will have its own surprises and challenges. Ask for God’s leading, and give each day your all. (Jude 20) “Build up your most holy faith.”

- As God is not a respecter of persons, and is looking for folks who have faith in Jesus, we need to embrace fellow believers in their walk with Him.

- Jesus had satisfaction and peace in submitting to His Father. He is our supreme example of pleasing God, His Father. (Phil 2:5-8)

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note #4 Dutch Sheets shares with us, “The real 
question is: Does a sovereign, all-powerful God need our 
involvement  or not? Is prayer really necessary? If so, why? 
I believe it is necessary. Our prayers can bring revival." 

God speaks through
this Book (for comments)

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