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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#1 WARFARE PRAYER Introduction

C. Peter Wagner, in his
tells us:

A wave of interest in the
supernatural, and the
Christian positions relating to spiritual warfare has been growing
for some years throughout the Christian world.

Books by authors such as Frank Peretti have stimulated certain audiences while books of other authors such as Walter Wink have stimulated other audiences.

"Breakthroughs" led by Larry Lea and spiritual warfare conferences led by John Wimber attract thousands.

Some theological seminaries are introducing courses on spirituality and power encounter, and healing and deliverance. A partial list of these appears in my book, Wrestling with Dark Angels (Regal Books).

I personally began tuning in to this new emphasis around 1980 when I began research on the spiritual dimensions of church growth.

I spent several years looking into the influence of supernatural signs and wonders on the growth of churches and compiled my findings in the book, How to Have a Healing Ministry (Regal Books).

Then in 1987 I began researching prayer.

After spending considerable time building a personal library and some bibliographies on prayer, I discovered three areas in the field that seemed important to me, and that are not adequately covered in research, writing and teaching. They are:

(1) strategic-level intercession, (2) intercession for Christian leaders, and (3) the relationship of prayer to the growth of the local church. I am dedicating several years to concentrate on these three areas.

One of the outcomes of my search has been the projection of a trilogy of books on prayer, one on each of the three subjects.

This book is the first, dealing with strategic-level spiritual warfare and the warfare prayer necessary to engage in it.

Many new books are coming out on spiritual warfare, but none of them so far has attempted to survey the field and draw broadly from theologians, biblical scholars, current authors and practitioners.

Introduction By 
C. Peter Wagner
(pgs. 11, 12) Regal Books

A glance through the footnotes and the index of this book will indicate the spectrum of authorities I have consulted. I am grateful to them all. I certainly could not have written a very substantial book on my knowledge and experiences alone.

Let’s pray:

   Father, I have an interest
in the supernatural warfare
that is going on.

   May I be open to what Your
plan is for me in regards to it.

  As I read Wagner's notes on the subject, quicken me to understand my part.

  I ask for Your guidance now, as I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse:  Jer. 1:12 "Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it."

Today’s quote: Darlene Lund – “In God’s eyes I was 
more than I expected. So are you. Claim His word and 
know nothing is impossible with God.”

Some thoughts today: As people, we tend to gather around somethingOnce we've become Christians, hopefully, we'll transcend our differences to fellowship in Christ. There's a bonding that takes place.

- As Christians, we share our identity; we "belong", as we're made of the same "stuff". We're "family" in Christ.

- Early Christians "broke bread together". (see Acts 2:42) They had a unity of mind, spirit and purpose, and loved hanging out together. They/we "fit in", no matter what the evil one says!

I am glad to be home again from traveling downstate. It was a good trip, and pleasant visits with family and friends. My husband asked me to get a guitar, as I had one some 46 years ago when we were married. I felt someone would have one, but was surprised and overwhelmed when the Lord provided it so amazingly Sunday at the ladies retreat. The cook/owner of the camp GAVE me one! 

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