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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Comparison for Wedges of Sin

James Cagle tells us:
Sin by its very nature is a divider. 

For all intents and purposes that was why sin, or disobedience to God, was introduced to our first parents. 

When sin was first introduced through mankind it destroyed a perfectly good relationship between husband and wife and between God and man. 

When sin made its day-view it came on as a wedge designed to cause division.

When we sin we first offend a Holy God, hurt someone else, and offend our conscience. So sin drives wedges in, and divides us against ourselves, others, and God.

Sin still divides today. It divides churches, and drives wedges between husband and wife and best friends. Sin hates unity and harmony and seeks to destroy them. 

Sin has its base of operation in our old sinful selfish nature. When we sin we do so at the expense of a pure conscience and the severing of other relationships.

Because of the sin-nature we are born with, we are born divided against ourselves, others and God. Only after one has been born again can we become whole and have the wedges of sin removed and enjoy real peace, joy and harmony. 

Our new life in Christ is unique in that it thrives on fellowship with God, and as it works in harmony with others who are also saved and members of the body of Christ. 

To stay in harmony and fellowship with Christ and other members of His body we must daily, in all sincerity address any sin that might drive a wedge between us.

The Christian’s power, testimony, and witness are strong and they are used by God as long as there is nothing between their soul and the Savior. But sin drives a wedge between them and their Savior, cutting them off from the source of their power and they lose their testimony and witness and become unusable by God.

A wedge has a very small point for getting in a crack after which it is driven in and creates a great divide. Allowing what we consider a small sin (though there is no such thing as a small sin) into our lives we will soon discover what started out as something small has grown into something very large which has caused much division and has far reaching ramifications.

Sin is the gratifying of our lusts at the expense of God’s fellowship and that of fellow believers, as well as family members and friends.

We soon find ourselves far from anyone we know and love and all alone like the prodigal son. But like the prodigal son upon confessing and forsaking our sin we can experience renewal and restoration.

If we viewed sin as a wedge and the commission of sin like driving a wedge between those we love and ourselves and hurting them in the process, we would be less likely to sin. 

Sin is always an attack on our relationships and is the means for separating us from those who love us until we are completely alone and at the mercy of our enemy.

The Wedges of Sin by James Cagle

Let’s pray:

   Father, help us remember:
sin is the gratifying of our
lusts at the expense of God’s
fellowship and that of fellow 

believers, as well as family 
members and friends.

   I see that sin is always an attack on my relationships. 

May I be careful to stay close to You through prayer and
reading Your Word daily.

   I ask for grace to understand my sin, so I can be quick to 

repent, asking for Your forgiveness, so I can keep my 
relationships good and strong.

I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: James 4:17 "Therefore, to him that 
knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin!"

Today’s quote: Jonathan Edwards – “To go to heaven, 
fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most 
pleasant accommodations here.”

Some thoughts today:
 Does it make sense to respond with 
love, joy and faithfulness when we feel misunderstood, 
accused or oppressed? No, but that's a Christian's privilege 
and blessing!

- Will it change your situation with this godly response to
 these things? Maybe, but your outlook will definitely be 
better, as you'll be looking to the Peacemaker for help and 

- Connect deeply with God for each challenge, my friend. He'll not disappoint you, but will inspire you as to how to handle each trial that comes your way.

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