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Thursday, September 11, 2014

God is Slow to Anger and Abounding in Love

Kimberly Damon shares,

All my good ideas...

I've had some really good ideas
throughout the years.
I mean tons,
of really, really
good ideas.

It's actually kinda shocking
how many I've had.
Like, it even surprises me.

I go back sometimes
and reread from a journal
or something will sparks a memory
and I'll look it up on my blog,
and I'm amazed
at the really good stuff there.

And the coolest thing...
the thing that brings me to tears
to even acknowledge is,

all my good ideas
come from God.

The Creator of all things,
whispers to me.
He shows me pictures
He inspires me.

He takes the broken pieces of my life
and my mind
the confused
the distorted
the unholy,

the sorrowful
the selfish
and the sinful,

and somehow,

He rearranges me,
and makes me
a temple
that He will dwell in.

He not only fills me
(which is so incredible)
He makes me a light on a hill
a light house
on a storm tossed sea.

Those waves scare me sometimes.
At times they hurt me
and mach my stability.

But I am built on a rock
and filled with such radiant light.
I am warmed,
my fears,
and I'm sustained.

I have had some really great ideas
in my life.

But just as the sand that formed the bricks
of the light house,
are due no credit
for the light it emits,
I humbly stand in awe,
at the glory of the Lord.
At His mercy and favor
at His kindness and splendor.

make me a channel of your peace,
change me by your peace.
And help me to be faithful
in bringing you glory,
at letting you shine.

Please don't ever let me be embarrassed
by how completely unable to hide your light,
I am.
Please don't let me
want to.

Your Light is shocking
even to me,
it's shocking to the darkness.
At times I want to hide.
But there you are,
bursting at the seams unable to be contained!

I see you in the children
I hear you in kind words of strangers.
God I need you
and you call me higher
and you grow me deeper
and you somehow
make me whole
and you sustain me.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!

He is slow to anger and abounding in love~I don't believe in a mean angry God either. He is patient not wanting any to be lost. Sunday, Aug. 24,2014

Let’s pray:

   Father, it has been brought 
to our attention in Kim's
message today,that You are
Faithful in all that You do.

   God, I do need You to 
me higher, and to grow me deeper, and to somehow make me whole as You sustain me.

   I thank You, too! May I be responsive to Your Voice, when You speak to me, to guide me each day.

   I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s quote: Psalter – 

   “In His Care confiding
      I will sweetly sleep,
   For the Lord my Savior
      Will in safety keep.”

Today’s Bible verse: Micah 7:18 "Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity,...he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy."

Some thoughts today: The miracle is "in the house": you and me! Remember where you came from, what all Christ has done in and for you, and share that.

-Whatever you do, say, or write, should be interesting and worth the other person's time.

- Listeners/readers can easily stop paying attention to what we're offering them, if it is hard to understand. They trust we'll have something worthwhile to say.

- Talk about a Holy Spirit encounter, that will get their attention, for sure.

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