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Thursday, June 18, 2015

#72 The Whole Armor of God

C. Peter Wagner: A manual I like for equipping warriors for battle is Larry Lea's The Weapons of Your Warfare.

In it he lists the blood of Jesus, prayer, the whole armor of God, praise, speaking the Word the name of Jesus and perseverance as "God's storehouse of spiritual weapons."

Space will not permit me to elaborate on all of them here, so I will simply recommend Lea's book as a text-book for your spiritual warfare boot camp.

I do, however, want to mention the whole armor of God before concluding this chapter. In The Weapons of Your Warfare, Larry Lea uses the American "dress for success" mentality as an illustration.

Many self-help books instruct aspiring business people how certain clothing gives them a "look" that will allow them to move up the business ladder more rapidly.

He then goes on to say that putting on the whole armor of God is "the only way to dress for success in the Lord, because the whole armor of God is a prerequisite to taking the kingdom of God by force."

Paul's metaphor of the armor of the Roman Legionnaire gives us a list of vital elements in the preparation of spiritual warriors.

Our loins need to be girded with truth. Jesus Himself is the way, the truth and the life. We put on a breastplate of righteousness. Our heart is protected by the holiness of cleansing our hands and purifying our hearts as we have seen earlier. (see #65 Cleanse Your Hands and Purify Your Hearts)

The shield of faith protects us from Satan's fiery darts. The helmet of salvation reminds us that we belong to Jesus and that we are assured of final victory in the battle.

As I have read extensively in the area of spiritual warfare, I am puzzled by the considerable number of authors who feel the need to make a special point that all the pieces of the armor of God are defensive.

The fact is that the warrior not only wears armor and holds a shield, but has a sword in his right hand. The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, is certainly an offensive weapon.

I enjoy Walter Winks' comment, 

    It is humorous to watch the statement bob from scholar to
    scholar that the weapons here are all 'defensive.'

The Pentagon says the same about nuclear missiles. [Referral to Naming the Powers] (Philadelphia, PA: Fortress Press, 1984) p. 86)

Some, I believe, want to hope against hope that since Christ has defeated Satan on the cross, all we are expected to do is to "stand."

If we stand around with our hands in our pockets, evil will somehow not bother us or our society. But this is not what Paul had in mind when he wrote Ephesians 6, in my opinion.

Clinton Arnold raises the question whether "to stand" is static or dynamic. He asks,

    "Is the reader also called upon to take more 'offensive' 
     action such as in proclaiming the redemptive message 
     of the gospel to humanity held in bondage by the devil?"

His conclusion is,

     "The flow of the context also reveals that the author
     conceives of 'standing' in offensive terms."

Using the whole armor of God, then, we are ready not only to protect ourselves from Satan's onslaughts, but also to overcome the strong man and advance the Kingdom of God.

(Google image and emphasis added)

#71  Principles for Warfare
By C. Peter Wagner
(pg. 121, 122) Regal Books

   Father, may the reality of our getting
involved in spiritual warfare become an
important issue to us.
   Grant the wisdom that's needed, as well
as the desire to overcome the strong man,
and to advance the Kingdom of God.
   I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Today’s quote: David Roper - "There's something winsome and wonderfully compelling about those whom God is making strong. They're easier to get along with, easier to work with and live with, more gentle and genial... They have a profound and bewildering effect upon others. Their actions keep reminding people of...well, of God...God is never done. His work of nourishing us and strengthening us goes on all through our lives." (The SONG OF A PASSIONATE HEART Psalm 23, pg. 130).

Some thoughts today: This power that God gives, which is within us, fuels us with Life.  It's to transform us into Christ's image.

- Jesus gave His all, and He desires us to give our all, so He can 
transform us into the image we were meant to be. (Rom. 8:1, 2
The tremendous truth is that we need Jesus! He'll help us grow in our weaknesses and develop our strengths.

- Look what He has already done, and let it move you.

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