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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The More We Take the Time to Pray


Lee Forbes shares with us:

The more we take the time to pray
Throughout the course of every day
The more we grow in love with Him
Who paid the price to take our sins

But sometimes we forget to stay 
Upon our knees when we do pray 
So God can share what He would say
help us find that narrow way 

And then we can't imagine why 
The Lord would fail to even try
To calm our hearts or meet our need
For which come to Him and plead

But would we treat a friend this way
Expecting them to sit and stay
While we share all we have to say
Then up and simply walk away

Without the slightest thought for them
To share in turn a thought akin
To something we might need to hear
Or burdens that might need our tears

And yet we have the privilege
To sit before the tutelage
Of Him Who made all living things
And through His mercy brings those things

That are so pertinent to life
And guidance through this present strife
To give us strength and sure advice
And help us more to trust in Christ

For He has shown throughout His Word
He will not stop or be detoured
From meeting every heart felt need
And help us by His grace succeed

So now before you hurry on
To speak some words and rush along
Upon the path of life you see
And try to meet your self-served need

Why don't you take the time to stay
Upon your knees to hear God say
The words you need to hear the most
As spoken by His Holy Ghost

And lay your heart before His feet
And rest to watch and see Him meet
Your need as only He can do
Revealing God's great love for you

And then from there you'll have a plan
To share God's love for every man
Because you've come to know His will
Through taking time and being still 

Inspiration taken from Psalm 46:10, 11

(Google image and emphasis added)

                                     Lee Forbes 
                                    June 8/15 

Father, when I take the time to pray, I ask for Your 

help to make it a profitable time. May I be sensitive 
to Your Voice, to listen to what it is You're directing 
me for the day at hand.
Help me to be still long enough to notice Your presence, 
and to hear the words I so desperately need to hear,
that You love me, and that You're guiding me today.
I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 16:1 "Preserve me, O God, for in thee do I trust."

Today’s quote:
 Dr. Charles F. Stanley - When you can't understand God's ways, focus on His perfect knowledge, wisdom, and power rather than the magnitude of your sorrow. Remember, He sees the entire picture and loves you more than you can imagine. This is a time to walk by faith, as perfect understanding comes only in heaven."
(Taken from IN TOUCH Daily Readings for Devoted Living, July 2015)

Some thoughts today: Is God in charge of your life? He wants to guide you through each day. 
His plans are not going to fail.

- The issue when we get to heaven, is not what we've done, but if we've been obedient to what He's asked us to do.

- Obedience today, brings peace tomorrow.

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