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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Gift of Tears

Cindy Hess Kasper: I called a long time
friend when his mother died. She had been
a close friend of my mother, and now both
had passes on.

As we spoke, our conversation slipped easily into a cycle of emotion—tears of sorrow now that Beth was gone and tears of laughter as we recalled the caring and fun person she had been.

Many of us have experienced that strange crossover from crying one moment and laughing the next. It's an amazing gift that emotions of both sorrow and joy can provide a physical release in this way.

Since we are made in God's image (Gen. 1:26), and humor is such an integral part of almost every culture, I imagine that Jesus must have had a wonderful sense of humor.

But we know that He  also knew the pain of grief. When his friend Lazarus died, Jesus saw Mary weeping, and "He groaned in the spirit and was troubled." A short time later, He too began to weep (John 11:33-35).

Our ability to express our emotions with tears is a gift, and God keeps track of each tear we cry. Psalm 56:8 says, "You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book" (NLT).

But one day—we are promised (Rev. 7:17"God will wipe away every tear."

Lord, You have made us to laugh, to cry, to yearn, to love—and to miss those who have gone before us. Help us to love even more deeply, confident in Your goodness and in the resurrection You promise.

    Our loving heavenly Father, who washed away our sins, 
                            will also wipe away our tears."
Our Daily Bread  5/30/15

 (Google image and emphasis added)

I understand that my ability to express my
emotions with tears is a gift, and that You keep track 

of each tear I cry. I ask that I remember to look to
Him for comfort at such times. Help me laugh, 

to cry, and to love others in need.
It's an amazing gift that emotions of both sorrow
and joy can provide a physical release in this way.
Be my Comforter, Jesus, and make me to be
more like You each day.

Today’s Bible verse:  Job 7:24a "Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to understand."

Today’s quote: Brenda Hendricks - "Unfortunately, somewhere along life's journey, we lose our humility and find it increasingly difficult to admit we cannot do everything ourselves. We believe the lie that asking for help signifies weakness. We take pride in handling difficult situations our way.

Ah, pride—it delights the enemy that we are so prideful. Satan encourages us to walk with pride strapped to our backs. When we are too prideful to seek help, we bind Jesus. But when we humble ourselves and ask in childlike faith, Jesus hears our cries and comes to our aid, thus binding Satan." 

Brenda Hendricks
May 20/15


Suffering Well  Simon Lawton

"Life is far from easy at times and most of us at some point will experience suffering or trials of one kind or another. In my life….I’ve faced loss, financial disaster, bereavement, betrayal, rejection, attacks, loneliness, periods of incredible stress and anxiety,
burnout and have even reached the point of despair where I wondered whether things would ever change!.." 

Some thoughts today: Righteousness of God is given to us as born-again believers in His Son, Jesus. Our own righteousness (good deeds) will not work to validate us for heaven, to be accepted. They are as filthy, stinking rotten rags to Him.

- Because we are in Christ, our performance record is Jesus' righteousness!

- Whoever calls on the Lord, shall be saved! (Acts 2:21). Call on Him for salvation right now if you've never done it, my friend! He waits for your humble admittance that you're lost and on your way to the dark, hateful place, called hell. Jesus will give you Life, peace, and the promise of eternity in the beautiful place, called Heaven!

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