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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#93 The Devil's Corner

C. Peter Wagner"I went to my hotel greatly disturbed and prayed that God would give me discernment. (Continuing from Wagner's previous post: #92 Mapping Guadalajara)...Then I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee, and God answered my prayer sooner than I had expected.

 I casually picked up a tourist magazine and in it discovered the seat of Satan in Guadalajara. At the center of the city is the Plaza Tapatia, and on the list of tourist attractions in the Plaza Tapatia was a place called 'The Devil's Corner' (el Rincon del Diablo)!

Curious, I asked the pastor who was acting as my chauffeur to take me to the Plaza Tapatia. When we were about three or four blocks away I prayed out loud in the front seat of the car for protection.

I could see that my friend was somewhat surprised a this. We parked and walked through the plaza to the devil's Corner. I felt chills up and down my spine when I saw what was there. 

Beautifully engraved in the marble sidewalk was a compass pointing to the north, the south, the east and the west! Through it, Satan had symbolically claimed total control of the city!

On our way back to the conference my friend said, 

    'That was a strange experience for me. I have been to the
     Plaza Tapatia a hundred times, and I never felt the blanket
     of spiritual oppression over me that I felt this time.'

I responded,

    'Don't be surprised. The first hundred times you went as a
     tourist. The principalities have no problem with tourists
     entering their territory. But this time you went as an 
     invading enemy and apparently the forces of evil knew this
     and responded accordingly.'

He then told me he understood why I had prayed for protection.

In my next session, I told the group about this experience in elementary spiritual mapping. They responded very warmly, indicating they probably never would have done that themselves since they had not been aware of that kind of approach.

Then Pastor Sixto Jimenez stood up. He was one of the few in the group who actually lived in Guadalajara and he served as the superintendent of the region.

Jimenez said that, without knowing much about warfare prayer, a group of 60 pastors from different denominations around the city had begun to gather for prayer once a month about 6 months ago.

Then he said, 

    'Last Sunday we had 26 baptism in our church, the 
     largest number of baptisms in history!'

I rejoiced with them that God was already at work in weakening the principalities and powers, which had for so long been blinding the minds of the residents of Guadalajara."

(A Google image and emphasis added)

#93 The Devil's Corner
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 155, 156) Regal Books

     Father, when I come to the place where I sense I need Your help to go through some things facing me, may I bow my knee to You, asking for assistance to do my best.
    I know there are evil forces lurking around us in what we try to do for the Kingdom, so I ask for Your protection and guidance in accomplishing what You want me to do.
    I ask this for Christ's glory, and in His Name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Matt. 21:22 "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Today’s quotes: Jo Ann Fore - "It takes courage to remember the good of the past with the present breathing down you neck." (Taken from When a WOMAN finds her VOICE p.153)

- Bill Crowder - "Through the certainty of Christ's resurrection, 
the child of God has a hope that is more than a ripple. It is an over whelming current of confidence in the faithfulness of the One who 
conquered death for us. Jesus, in His victory over death —our 
greatest enemy—can infuse hope into the most hopeless of 

Some thoughts today: Do you have a desire to serve God? Ask for the gifting within you to become an avenue for Him to use to bless others.

~ Your life will have significance when you do what God created you for. Do you find God in what you're doing? 

~ Find out where God's moving and ask how you fit in. Life is not about you, but in finding His will for you, and walking it out. By living for yourself, you'll miss God's best.

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What it will look like
 in upstate NY soon!

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