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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#95 Masonic Symbolism

C. Peter Wagner: "Victor Lorenzo discovered
that La Plata had been founded a little over 100
years ago by Dardo Rocha, a high-ranking Mason.

He designed the city according to the dictates 
of Masonic symbolism and numerology. He installed two diagonal avenues to transect the city, forming a symbolic pyramid.

Then he went to Egypt, brought back some mummies and buried them in strategic places to help assure that the city would remain under the demonic control he was helping to manipulate.

The huge Plaza Moreno in front of the central cathedral has four bronze statues of beautiful women, each representing a curse on the city. They had been ordered from a foundry in Paris run by Masons.

The only other statue in the plaza is a muscular archer with a drawn bow. The arrow is aimed directly at the cross on top of the cathedral. And the cathedral has no cross! 

Apparently the evil archer is to be seen as having eliminated Christ crucified (Catholics often use a crucifix instead of an empty cross) from the center of Christianity in the city.

 On a straight line, out from the front of the cathedral are the centers of power: the city hall, the provincial capitol, the legislature, the police department, the municipal theater and others.

They are on what would have been 52nd Avenue, but there is no street. Instead there is a tunnel under all those buildings where the masonic rituals have been, and possibly are yet, held.

The number 6 figures prominently in the city layout, and in the architecture of the public buildings the number 666 appears time and again. Grotesque demonic faces, beautifully painted and gilded, form a prominent part of the decor of many of the buildings.

Victor Lorenzo has already discovered much more evidence, and God will show him much more as he continues the spiritual mapping of La Plata.

I need to reiterate what I have mentioned frequently—naming the powers and spiritual mapping are not to be seen as ends in themselves, much less as means of glorifying Satan and his evil forces.

The Persian Gulf war, for example, discovering and plotting Saddam Hussein's communications nerve centers was not designed to glorify Saddam Hussein, but to crush him and rob him of his power.

Likewise, naming the powers is designed to bind the strongman and weaken his powers over the souls of 800,000 people in La Plata who have yet to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Collectively, we have a long way to go in learning how to name the powers and do spiritual mapping with the excellence that God desires. In this chapter I have simply tried to provide a starting point for others to build on.

My conclusion is that naming the powers and mapping them has the potential to furnish a new and important tool that will be used by God for extending His Kingdom through the earth in our days."

I wonder what happened
to the underground avenue
when this happened
in La Plata?

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#95 Masonic Symbolism
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 157, 158) Regal Books

    Father, may our lives reflect what You're accomplishing in our walk with You. Our obedience is what pleases You the most.
  We're told whatever You tell us to do, whether great or small, we're responsible for walking it out in faith that Your provision will be ample.
    Our eyes need to stay on You, and Your mission in using us, no matter what some others may say or think. Seeking good, godly counsel will help keep us from pitfalls of our own making.
    Help me be obedient to Your Word, and act in simple trust that You know what's best for me. I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 1 Cor. 4:20 "For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power."

Today’s quote: Marion Stroud - "Anniversaries and memorials remind us of important historical events and heroic deeds. The cross reminds us of the pain of Jesus' death and the beauty of His sacrifice for our salvation."  (ODB 9/13/15)

Some thoughts today: When we ask God for something specific to happen, and it doesn't, what then? Worship God. Trust His judgement, and know His best is on the way.

~ We can avoid pitfalls by obeying God.

~ God is willing to adopt us into His Family, even though He knows full well the condition of our souls, and also, how we'll turn out. His desire is to form us into Christ's image, a progress throughout our lives, even the "woodshed" times... God loves His children, so He will deal with us to make the changes, to His glory, and for our own good.

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