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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#105 Rule #6: The Intercessors

C. Peter Wagner: "Work with intercessors especially gifted and called to strategic- level warfare, seeking God's revelation of:

(a) the redemptive gift or gifts of the city; (b) Satan's strongholds in the city; (c) territorial spirits assigned to the city; (d) corporate sin past and present that needs to be dealt with; and (e) God's plan of attack and timing.

Some of the key players in a well -developed warfare prayer strategy for a city will be intercessors. If the work is going to be done well, gifted intercessors need to be identified, encouraged and released to stand in the gap.

Every Christian has a role of prayer in general and intercession in particular. But God has chosen some Christians and given them a special gift of intercession.

If this sounds strange, just compare it to the role that every christian has to be a witness, but only a small number have received a spiritual gift of evangelist.

The whole body cannot be an eye, only some of the members are supposed to be.

I describe the gift of intercession in my book Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow I list it as one of the 27 gifts, but I freely admit it is one that has no direct biblical statement as a gift. Although some may disagree with me, I am certain enough such a gift exists.
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Cindy Jacobs characterizes intercessors as those who act as enforcers of God's will on earth. God has chosen that His will be done through our asking and taking dominion. She says,

"Through our taking dominion over the works of Satan in the
earth and praying in the name of our King, we establish His
will on earth as it is in heaven." 

[p. 56 in Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, (Tarrytown, NY: Chosen Books, 1991).

Intercessors are found in almost every church, and certainly in every city with a reasonable number of churches. Very few pastors are also intercessors.

Therefore both pastors and intercessors are needed to pray effectively for a city. The pastors function largely in an authority role and intercessors function largely in a prophetic role. They hear from God, and can communicate this to others.

They should be formed into a group to harmonize, encourage and hold each other accountable. Through them and also through the pastors and other lay Christians, those who are praying for the city should seek God's revelation of several things:.."

[These will be given in upcoming posts]

(Google image and my emphasis added)

#105 Rule #6: The Intercessors
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 173-175) Regal Books

Father, when we get together to pray
for our cities, may we be mindful
of what Wagner has shared.
Help us see how important it is to gather together, 
and to pray for Your will to be done.
Our pastor needs our support in his endeavors
to serve You and the people he's responsible for.
May we be supportive of the work he's
a part of, and to pray faithfully for him.
I ask this in Jesus' Name.

Today’s Bible verse: (Ps. 119:18) "Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of they law."

Today’s quote:  

Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "Prayer accomplishes much (James 5:16). It engages the Lord in people's personal lives as well as in the affairs of government. It is the way we experience oneness with our Father and receive the essentials needed to carry out His work." (Taken from p. 42 of IN TOUCH, a Publication of In Touch Ministries / April 2014)

Some thoughts today: 

~A vertical relationship with God must be maintained to have a healthy relationship horizontally with others. Guard yourself against offenses and divisions.

~ Get more of Jesus in you by devouring His Word. Have an attentive attitude towards what He says to you. You can experience His Real Life!

~ Love God, each other, and not the world. When we become His children, we are no longer "orphans". We are his precious children, adopted into His family, The Church. 

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