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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finding the Joy

Karen Oglesby - "My heart was heavy. As the elevator doors opened and I saw my brother standing in the hospital hallway, I knew she was gone. 

The nurses had called at 1:50 a.m. telling me to come quickly, but I arrived at the hospital just minutes after my mother had passed away.

I drew near to her bedside—running the back of my fingers over her cheek—still warm to the touch. We spoke in hushed tones, out of a sense of reverence I suppose. Part of me wanted to cry, but as I stood there looking at my mother’s face, I began to smile.

I couldn’t help but share in the joy she must have been feeling in that very moment. I envisioned the sweet reunion she was having with my dad who had died some 23 years earlier. 

She was probably filled with motherly love and happiness at being able to see once again the face of my older brother, John, whom we had lost to leukemia nearly 10 years ago. And to see her beloved parents and sister must have been absolutely wonderful.

Oh, the joy…of knowing she was standing face to face with Jesus. I took comfort and shared in the pure joy she was in the presence of our Lord and Savior. There was no room in my heart for sorrow just then. 

Although the physical evidence of death was present, the heavenly hope and the joy of eternity with God was just as genuine. God had called mom home and I’m sure she ran into His arms.

Jesus reminded Martha if she believed she would see God’s glory. He then gave the people of Bethany a glimpse into His divinity and mighty power when He called Lazarus back to life with a gentle command. 

What an amazing day. Imagine the rejoicing. Although there were tears that day, even from our Lord, the day ended in joy because of the power of God calling Lazarus to come to Him.

There were tears when we lost my mom, but the greatest comfort was knowing she was a child of the King. It was His voice calling her home. That brought joy.

Accept His gift of love and salvation. Be a part of the everlasting joy.

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Finding the Joy by Karen Oglesby  Sept. 26, 2015

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die." John 11:25 NIV

Karen Oglesby is a writer and a florist. She and husband Gary enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, preferably on a golf course. 

She also enjoys singing, gardening, preaching, and spending time with her three children and grandson, Dylan. Karen and Gary live in Manhattan, IL.

Why Does God Allow Suffering? 

Written by Mary Kane

A quote from Mary Kane: Take hope! There is purpose in our suffering. "Your suffering will not destroy you; quite the opposite is true. Through suffering, your faith is being refined and strengthened. Impurities and flaws are removed and in the end your faith is made stronger. Your present suffering is a stepping-stone to your next level of ministry and relationship with God the Father..." 

On Brenda M. McGraw's blog, Ask God Today Ministries 
Joy Beyond  by Brenda M. McGraw

28 Days to Finding Joy Beyond the Clutter of Life

More quotes: David McCasland - "Whatever we feel is 'most valued' in our lives today could be of great benefit to someone we know. It may be our time, friendship, encouragement, a listening ear, or a helping hand. When we give away what the Lord has given to us, He is honored, others are helped, and we are blessed." (Our Daily Bread 9/28/15)

"Rest in the Lord + wait patiently for Him. Don’t worry about those who prosper in their wicked ways."  (Posted on September 25, 2015 by Neil Vermillion)

Life Is Too Precious To Waste 

Do you often sit and worry
About your lot in life?
If so, you're wasting precious hours...
Inflicting stress and strife.

For worry doesn't solve things,
In fact, it makes you tense.
It immobilizes you physically.
It really makes no sense.

The time you spend rehashing
What was or soon might be,
Instead, enjoy the present
By thinking positively.

Negative thoughts are unhealthy;
They can actually cause you pain,
And the hours you spend worrying
Are usually all in vain.

Most of the things we worry about
Never do materialize,
And we cannot accurately predict
No matter how hard we try.

So concentrate on doing
What needs to be done today.
Let God take care of tomorrow…
Let go of yesterday.

 © Frances Gregory Pasch


September 12/15

Father, when a time of sorry takes hold of our
hearts through the loss of a loved one, may we
dwell on some good memories.
If they were ready to meet Jesus, help us to 
envision their happy reunion with Him.
May we not dwell on negative thoughts,
but encourage ourselves in You.
Help us concentrate on what needs to be done now.
It may well be time to share our faith with someone 
who is really hurting, because of their loss.
Use us to reach out to others, to draw them
to the Savior, to receive His love today.
I ask this in Jesus' Name. 

Today’s Bible verse: 1 Sam. 3:6 c "But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God."

Some thoughts today: When there's sin in our lives, we can't hear God's warnings. God will take whatever has happen and make good by of it. We're to stand in God's power and to let Him bring good out of what comes our way.

~ Principalities and powers are to be wrestled withdeclare the Word to them. Look to God for His answers.

~ Through difficulties, God causes us to realize just what we're made of...

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