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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Created for a Purpose

Created for a purpose 
That no other one can fill 
To share the love of Jesus Christ 
As God in you instilled

For which the things of years gone by 
Have made us all unique
To make us what another needs 
To find just what they seek 

A path in life above all strife 
To find their peace with God 
To find a reason for the pain 
They've suffered on this sod 

That they like you have been ordained 
To help another find 
The path that leads to Jesus Christ 
And holy peace of mind 

You see the scriptures are quite clear 
That nothing comes by chance 
And if we're open to God's will 
In every circumstance 

We'll see the hand of God has lead 
To bring us where we are 
Though in our selfish attitude 
We tried to wander far 

From what the Lord had planned for us 
Before the world began 
Before He caused the light to shine 
Or breathed His life in man 

For though in our own aptitude 
We cannot comprehend 
The will of God has always been 
To reach the souls of men 

With love through His unbounded grace 
That's brought us to this place 
When soon the books will be complete 
For all the human race 

And those who've given heart and soul 
That God might live through them 
And have through their experience 
Bestowed God's love to men 

Will say through lips of thankfulness 
I'd have no other way 
Than how my God has lead me in 
His path from day to day 

So friend I must admit my prayer for you 
Is that you'll find 
A perfect holy attitude 
And godly peace of mind 

As daily on your knees you lay 
Your life before God's feet 
And trust with full assurance 
That you will not face defeat 

For with our Lord there will not be 
A child that's left behind 
As daily we will trust to Him 
Our heart and soul and mind 

Romans 8:28Revelation 20:12 Luke 10:2710:27

Lee Forbes  September 2015

(Used  by permission. Google image added)

  Father, I  am also thankful, 
and would have no other way 
than how You've lead me
 day by day.
May I be obedient to Your plan
for me so I can
accomplish my purpose in life.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verse: Nahum 2:5 "He shall recount his worthies: they shall stumble in their walk; they shall make haste to the wall thereof and the defense shall be prepared."

Today’s quote: Winn Collier - "At times we tend to think of prayer only as calm, meditative devotion. But praying is often born out of sheer necessity. We face ruin and have nowhere to turn. We stand at the brink, and the cry simply erupts: 'Help!' " (Taken from p. 52 of IN TOUCH, A Publication of In Touch ministries / April 2014)

Some thoughts today: What manner of Love the Father has shown us! He bestows fellowship with Him through our sonship as His children in Christ! We receive a new DNA, which is from God! (see 1 John 3:1-3)

The mystery is that we can know Him! We have to experience this salvation ourselves, to be real to us. (see John 3:16)

We don't need to have a prophetic word in a particular way to know the Father's will in a situation. If we sit in His presence, and read His Word, the Bible, we can know His Heart and how He sees the situation.

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This is your true ID in God’s eyes!.."

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