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Thursday, October 22, 2015

#106 The Redemptive Gift or Gifts of the City

C. Peter Wagner: " John Dawson believes each city is intended by God to be a place of personal liberation.    

He says,

    'I believe our cities have the mark of God's sovereign
     purpose on them. Our cities contain what I call a 
     redemptive gift.'  [Dawson Taking Our Cities, p. 39]

He argues that it is more important to determine the redemptive gift of the city than to identify the nature of evil principalities, although both are needed.

An example is Omaha, Nebraska. Historically, Omaha was the supply station for wagon trains taking pioneers westward. 

Christian leaders there see today's Omaha as a center for equipping a new breed of pioneer—those who are taking the gospel out to the unreached people of the world.

I agree with John Dawson who comments, 'Now that's a vision worth living for.' (Ubid.,p. 44)

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#106 The Redemptive Gift or Gifts of the City
By C. Peter Wagner
(p. 175) Regal Books

    Father, may we take time with You, to get to know Your Heart about what we're concerned for. Make us sensitive about the needs of those around us in our area.
     Let us magnify Your Name in and through everything we do, so You will be honored, and so others will come to know Your mercy and forgiveness.
    Thank You, that You actually enjoy our company. May we remember that the next time we pause to spend time with You. The effort we make will draw us closer, and will help us become acquainted with You, the God of Love.
    It is in the Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 1 Chron. 17:24 a "Let it even be established, that they name may be magnified for ever."

Today’s quote: Cynthia Hyle Bezek - "Our time with God is a time for God. He enjoys our company and longs for extended time with us even more than we long to share it with Him. During our prayer retreats, God will meet and satisfy us as we focus on Him.

But having our needs met should not be the main goal for our prayer retreat. First of all, He knows our needs better than we do; besides that He has things on His mind that He wants to share with us, if only we'll take time to listen." (Taken from page 26 of COME AWAY WITH ME, from Pray! Magazine's, Guide to Prayer Retreats)

Some thoughts today: The more time spent in reading the book of Romans, in the Bible, the better your understanding will be of God's grace.

~ We get to read what the Apostle Paul wanted to tell the Christians in Rome. 

~ You and I need to hear God's answers to our needs. He has what we need! Attending a church that supports us, can bring the comfort needed. 

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