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Thursday, October 29, 2015

#108 Corporate Sin Past and Present

C. Peter Wagner: "The story Floyd McClung (#107  Satan's Strongholds in the City) tells of the Norwegian king who murdered those who would not become Christians is an example of past corporate sin that needs to be dealt with. 

A good bit of information on this is included in chapter 7, [#78 The Challenge of Japan.] There I mentioned Japan.

It is encouraging to know that the Japanese Christian leaders are taking national repentance very seriously. in 1990, two high-level apologies were made to the people of Korea.

The Church of Christ in Japan published a resolution confessing Japan's sin and offering an apology to the Korean people. Then Rev. Koji Honda, a revered elder statesperson of Japanese evangelical Christianity, made a detailed confession and apology at the Asia Missions Congress '90 held in Seoul, Korea.
Among many other things he said, 

    'Dear brothers and sisters of Asia, please forgive the sins 
     that the Japanese people committed in your countries. I 
     think especially of Korea and once again beg your forgive-
     ness of these repulsive, unpardonable sins [which he 
     already had listed in the name of our Lord and Redeemer.'

(Koji Honda, "An Apology to the Peoples of Asia," Japan Update, Bulletin of the Japan Evangelical Association, October 1990, p.8)

American sociologists tell us that two of the most oppressed social cohorts in our nation are African-American males and American Indians.

Time magazine, in an article analyzing the frightening downward turn in life expectancy for blacks, ran through the standard list of hypotheses why the black community is so depressed.

Then it said experts are persuaded 'that there must be other reasons.' The article took several guesses for the reasons, but I would not be at all surprised to discover the basic problem is spiritual.

It goes back to the shameful ways our Anglo -Americans have treated blacks in the past and at present. This sinful behavior has provided openings for high -ranking principalities and powers to establish spiritual strongholds that will not be loosened other than through corporate humility and repentance. 

I am aware of some who have begun this, but much more is needed.

How can this be done? John Dawson tells of his ministry in South Africa. He was convinced,

      'Apartheid is a spirit, not just a political phenomenon. It is
      a spirit that goes deep into African colonial history, with 
      its roots in idolatry.'

So he preached on the sin of unrighteous judgment, led the large multiracial group in repentance of racial stereotypes and prejudice, then challenged each one in the audience to wash the feet of someone of another race.

      'Thousands of Afrikaners, Zulus, Indians, English, and 
      Colored wept in each other's arms as the spirit of 
      reconciliation spread.' "

[John Dawson, "Seventh Time around," Engaging the Enemy, C. Peter Wagner,ed. (Ventura, CA: /Regal Books, 1991), pp. 137-138.]

(Google image and my emphasis added)
#108 Corporate Sin Past and Present
         That Needs to Be Dealt With
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 177, 178) Regal Books

     Father, our hearts go out to the ones who've experienced times of persecution in their past, or that their ancestors have.
     Help us to pray for ways to be made to amend the ways folks have acted, spoken or thought of various races. It's important for us to realize that our words cause others to think positive or negative thoughts about others of a different race and background.
     Forgive us our sin of demeaning another person, regardless of their background and present persuasion. May we remember we were once like them in many ways, anthat we needed Your forgiveness and cleansing.
     May I be one who shows Christ's love to everyone I meet, to help them come to Him and embrace His salvation He offers to everyone, regardless of our race or creed.
     I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Prov. 1:23 KJV "Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you. I will make known my words unto you." 

Today’s quote: Larry Crabb - "When we become Christians, we are not only forgiven, we are also indwelt; we are not only acquitted, we are  also empowered. Like a doctor pouring healthy blood into an anemic body, God's Spirit pours the motivation and energy of Christ into the veins of our soul. Something terrible is removed (the wrath of God)  and something wonderful is given (the life of Christ)." [p. 68 of CONNECTING, Healing for Ourselves and our Relationships]

Some thoughts today: Your loves drive you. Whatever you love will have an effect on you, and everything you do. Where is your passion? God, or the world?

~ Discipleship is a blank check. There's to be no negotiating. Following your passion causes you to put it foremost in your desires, thoughts, and actions. What is it you love? 

~ Following the Lord is a serious matter. Either we are "all in", or we are only partially committed to Him and His agenda. We are in need of an "inside work". (Ps. 51)  Ps. 86 mentions "Teach me Your way, O LORD." It's breathtaking to be totally surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Ps. 40 "I delight to do thy will." Can you say, "Thy will be done?"

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