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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Soul Winning Made Easy

Jean Oathout asks this question: Have you had

a desire to win souls for Christ? I have, and I'm
in the process of learning ways to do that.

A book that gives some great information is C. S. Lovett's book,  Soul Winning Made Easy

I recommend it, as it has been helpful to me. If you're interested in winning souls to Christ, I hope you'll order your own book. (A small investment for the Kingdom!)

Here are the chapters Lovett gives in the book:

Part One- Your Soul-Winning Plan
  • Your Soul-winning Plan
  • The Tools You'll Need
  • Some Hints That Help
  • The X-Ray Approach Technique
  • Presenting Christ Alive!
  • How to Press For The Decision
  • Presenting (Lovett's) Booklets

Part Two- Using Your Soul-Winning Plan
  • Learning The Plan
  • Psychology And The Soul-Winner
  • Do I have to Try To Win Everybody?
  • Too Scared To Try?

[p.15] "The One truth that must fill the heart and mind of the soul-winner is that Jesus Christ is not a doctrine. The Lord is a living person whom the grave could not hold, and at this very moment is alive and waiting to meet men in a personal encounter." 

We need to remember that others watch us very closely, and they'll judge what we say to them according to the life we're living. A stranger will notice how we speak to them, the spirit in which we do, our appearance and our approach, as well as our message of God's working in our lives. Will it be with enthusiasm? 

Handing the person a tract or a Gospel of John is very effective too as you share your faith with them. When we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will be faithful to give us opportune divine moments. It's discouraging at times when we sense we've failed to speak up...Lord, help us become more bold!

A plan to share with others is of utmost importance, and will take effort to formulate it. "[p. 22] 95% of Christians have never led someone to the Lord."  Pray for the Holy Spirit's plan for you, and get ready for some exciting times ahead!

[p. 23] "Every successful operation needs a plan and soul-winning is no exception. How brazen to assume that when God needs a plan for bringing men to Himself, we don't!" 

[p. 20] "No Amount of eloquence, dramatic technique or psychology can make Christ real to anyone. The Holy Spirit alone can do this and the worker must be content with his role as a introducer and leave this part to the Spirit of God. He will not fail." 

I had the privilege of leading my step brother to the Lord shortly before he died of cancer. The light in his eyes after saying the sinner's prayer was proof that Jesus had truly come within him! I praise the Lord for guiding me to speak with him about his soul. 

Another time, I spoke with a friend about her relationship with the Lord. After praying a renewing commitment, she also had a visible clarity in her eyes. We can notice a difference in their eyes right away!

Another friend hasn't allowed me to say much about Jesus, but I'm praying that there'll come a day when she'll be hungry for Him, and will let me share with her. She watches nature programs on TV, so am praying that God will speak to her of His being the Creator of what she sees! I visit yearly, trusting God to prepare her for her salvation.

I had the opportunity to invite a couple to church this morning. Let me relate what can take place sometimes, when we've prayed and are doing "our thing"...

  • I met a woman at Martin's Market in town this morning, and was surprised to then find her at the laundromat later.
  • I'd stopped in at the laundromat, thinking I would get to see a friend who had recently moved to town, who has a car like mine.
  • This woman also has a car like mine parked out front of the laundromat, so was surprised to see her there, not my friend.
  • While visiting with this woman in the laundromat, she mentioned she had a desire to visit our church.
  • She'd visited with Ana at the bakery this morning, and the church was mentioned.
  • Her son attends one of our churches, and loves it!
  • After visiting a while, I invited the woman to come to church this Sunday, along with her friend.
  • I got to pray with her, surrounding her with Christ's love

Who knows what will happen, when our lives are on a mission for Jesus. I have to admit, I wasn't looking for this contact, but God gave it to me! Praise goes to Him! Do you see how it can happen? Be busy with whatever is your daily "business", and don't be surprised at the "divine moments" the Lord has planned for you.

People are seeking Reality, for they want to see Jesus! May we be witnesses of His abiding presence, so others will be drawn to Him because of our speaking with them.

To me, the main thought in soul-winning is knowing how to take advantage of divine opportunities God gives us to speak with folks, to draw them into a conversation, and then how to follow the Holy Spirit's leading to introduce them to Jesus. 

This can happen because we've prayed for the Holy Spirit's direction in our daily devotional times with Him...

One more important thing: the people you speak to will have Satan's attention, so be sure to keep them in prayer. Pray they'll stay true to the Lord, read His Word for instructions and inspiration, as well as find and attend a Bible-believing church.

We ask for Your Holy Spirit to guide our
efforts to share our faith.
We want to become  effective soul-winners
for Jesus, and to be used by You
to build Your Kingdom.
I know that I can't do this by myself, so  
 help me recognize my dependence 
upon Your guidance.
Please prepare my heart, and the hearts
of those You want me to speak to. 
May I depend upon Your Holy Spirit's 
wooing each of them to You 
in my endeavors to win souls.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verses: 1 Peter 3:15 "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear."

Col. 4:6 "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man."

Today’s quote: S. D. Gordon - "The faith that believes it is not born in the dust of the street, and noise of the crowd. But I can tell where that faith will have a birthplace and keep growing stronger: in every heart that takes quiet time off habitually with God, and listens to His voice in His word. Into that heart will come a simple strong faith that the thing it is led to ask shall be accomplished." {p.109 of QUIET TALKS ON PRAYER}

Some thoughts today: When we take action, making an effort to speak to people about Jesus, it's when we'll discover the Holy Spirit's enablement. His main purpose is to glorify Jesus, so it is reasonable to say that He wants to help us share our faith with others.

~ Use your memories of how God has met you along your life to share with folks. It will draw them into a mode of interest. They may even tell of how He has dealt with them, and then express their delight that He has! 

~ Work from the topic at hand, to bring in the thoughts the Holy Spirit brings to your mind, (from Scriptures you've learned). Use it as a springboard for discussion that honors Jesus and brings the person into a conscientious realization that they may have a desire to know Him too. 
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  1. Good morning Jean.
    I love soul winning.
    Great article.
    thanks for being a blessing.


  2. Golden Nuggets for Tough Times
    Published by Butch Dias · Just now ·
    Be a Witness
    © Butch Dias 08/24/2010
    Be a witness of His death,
    Share the word with every breath.
    Win the world one by one,
    With the greatest message under the sun.
    Preach the word every day,
    Catch a fish in any way.
    Use different bait for them to bite,
    Get turned on and light your light.
    Witness what He’s doing too,
    How He made your heart brand new.
    Tell everybody, one and all,
    That He paid the price for Adam’s fall.
    Let your life serve as an open book,
    That would interest people to look.
    That what they saw would light a spark,
    So they would come out of the dark.
    God commands you to go,
    To the world you must show.
    The passion that you have for Him,
    That you’re not afraid, a soul to win.
    God sent His Son to die for you,
    But witness they are only a few.
    That people would only obey His word,
    So that the gospel message would be heard.

    1. Thanks, Butch. I've copied it, and will post it in another post, so folks can see it!

    2. This will be posted on my blog 12/6 Thanks again!