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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why Pray the Lord's Prayer?

Why Pray the Lord's Prayer?

Here are ten reasons: 

1. Our FATHER who art in heaven
Because without prayer there is only – myself. Between the heaven of prayer and the hell of the self there is no middle way. The more I try to find myself, the more I am lost. To call on GOD as FATHER is to discover myself as someone GOD calls child.

2. hallowed be thy name

Not because prayer will give me what I want, but because it will knead and pummel my wants, stretching them my whole life long, until at the last hour of my life I have learned to want one thing only, the only thing worth having. And so my whole life becomes a secret sigh, an inarticulate utterance of the hidden Name of GOD. And so even my death will be my prayer, the sigh by which I give myself up into the presence of the holy Name.

3. thy kingdom come
Because my prayer encompasses not my own life only but the entire world of which I am a part. What defines this world is scarcity, injustice, and oppression – in other words, hunger. To pray is to find in my own hunger an echo of the hunger of the world, in my own small cry an echo of the cry for justice that rises like smoke from the scorched earth.

4. thy will be done
Because prayer is the end of willing, the beginning of wisdom. The life of prayer is a slow dying into the will of GOD, a slow awakening into the freedom to live.

5. on earth as it is in heaven
Not because prayer is a technique of self-improvement or an instrument of spiritual experience, but because it is beyond all human competency, beyond all language and learning and control. Prayer is the speech of heaven. To pray is to live beyond the narrow walls of the self and beyond whatever I can merely control. As sunflowers open to the morning, so the praying life opens towards heaven, standing up straight into the bright burning presence of the Name.

6. give us this day our daily bread
Because every day, morning and night, I hunger. The stuff of my life is hunger, need, and lack. Technology and affluence blind me to this truth, but one day – a single morning – without food is enough to show me the truth of what I am. I live by lack: GOD lives by fullness. I am only hunger: GOD is only food.

7. and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

Because hurt and disappointment and resentment are always knocking at the door of my life. As soon as I drive one away another arrives, eager to come in and set up its home in the little house of my heart. I will die of resentment; I am destroyed by what I am owed. But I learn to forgive when God writes off my debts and makes me free. Now I can live, now I can clear the debts of enemies and friends, and speak the magic word of forgiveness that drives resentments back into the dark.

8. and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
Because this world is only trial. Yet it is God's world, and all the evils that crowd in upon my life can never hide my voice from the listening GOD.

9. for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever
Because God is glorious. All my life I was asleep within myself, but when I bowed my head to pray I opened my eyes to the glory of GOD. Glory should be seen. Just as it is right for a mountain to be seen or a piece of music to be heard or the body of a lover to be loved, so it is right to give GOD thanks and praise, for God is glorious.

10. Amen
Because the life of GOD is prayer itself. It is deep calling to deep, the endless giving and receiving of unbounded self-divesting self-communicating joy. My prayer is an eavesdropping on the Prayer that is GOD. God's speech is grace and truth, GOD'S life is love, GOD'S silence is the annunciation of the Name. The word of my life is a modest, small, yet glad and true, Amen.

(Google image and my emphasis added)

    Father, thank You for giving us this prayer to show us what we should pray for.
    Your express desire is that when we pray, we live beyond the narrow walls of ourselves, and 

beyond what we can merely control.
    Thank you that I can clear the debts of enemies 
and friends, and speak
the magic word of forgiveness.
    May I become fully aware of Your goodness and mercy through prayer.
    I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Matt. 10:39 KJV "He that findeth his life shall lose it. and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." 

Today’s quote:              If You Have Faith
  You Can Make It

If you have faith you can make it;
At times you may feel "down,"
So ask God to help you take it
And wipe away your frown.

We are to pray when Life seems tough
For Jesus to guide us.
We'll find that He will be enough
When in Him we do trust.

As we're not promised many days
Or that a year we'll live,
It's best we find out some new ways
Each day our love to give.

As you surrender to God's will
You'll learn about his love.
May it be you'll listen until
His thoughts come from above.

It's God Who'll give you guidance, dear
So that you can soon see,
How you're to live will become clear
In each adversity.

When on God's Word folks see you stand
You'll find they can be blessed.
You will help them to know God's plan
To guide them in their test.

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and 
He shall sustain thee: he shall never 
suffer the righteous to be moved."

Psalm 55:22 (KJV)

by Jean Oathout
(pp.48, 49)

Some thoughts today: Allow the Holy Spirit to awaken you to the things of God. Develop a reckless abandonment to Jesus. Begin to want His life for you.

~ The faith of God asks us to ask for more, not less. He puts His thoughts in our minds. We can feel good, or not. Feelings aren't what determines the outcome. Obedience, does.

~ Faith is a firm persuasion that God will make the changes needed to work in our situation of concern. 

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Loved, loved loved!!

Lisa Buffaloe - "I love God, absolutely and positively adore Him. I don’t deserve God’s mercy and grace. I’m a sinner. I’ve stumbled, fallen, and rolled in the mud of sin. 

How could He love me when He knows everything – every thought and action, every failure, everything that I’ve experienced, and everything that will come next?

God has helped me through so many hard times. Even when I couldn’t feel His presence and was sure He had left me alone against evil, He pulled me through and held me close. 

What the enemy tried to destroy, God has redeemed and restored.

God blesses with life, and even better than that He blesses Christians with a guaranteed happy ending. Where else can you find a love that is unfailing, pure, and eternal?

And you know what else is amazing? God loves you too! Yep. No matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been through. God loves you.

You are loved, loved, loved!

Jesus loved you enough to die for you. 
His love triumphed over the grave and 
He rose again to offer you His grace. 

Enjoy the fact that God loves you—forever, and 

ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever…!

“I have loved you with an unfailing love.

Posted: 26 Oct 2015  

Lisa Buffaloe's Blog 

Father, I know that You love me; that is a given
fact, even when I'm not aware that You do.
My desire is to express my love for You.
In your Word, the Bible, I read Psalms that
give you praise. Thank You for sharing
them with us in the 20th century!
As I read them, I'll put the names of people
I love, to make the prayer personal and effective.
Cause me to lean heavily on You, and to
remember always, that You love me.
I ask this in the dear Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 115:13 -15 KJV "He (God) 

will bless them that fear the LORD, both 

small and great. The LORD shall 
increase you more and more, you and 
your children. Ye are blessed of the LORD 
which made heaven and earth." 

Pray for your pastor:
"Pray that your pastor will be

courageous in proclaiming Christ from the pulpit and 
confident in his use of the Word of God. Ask God to help 
him preach with insight, transparency and humility." 
Co. 1:28; 4:3 a; Eph. 6:19)

Today’s quotes: Dave Branon - "Our actions in 
obeying God show Him more love, honor, and 
praise than any empty words we might 
say to try to appear good." (ODB 9/13/15)

Cindy Sproles - "When you feel the weight of the 
world bearing down this holiday season, rejoice 
in the Lord. Shout aloud to the Rock of your salvation. 
Go before Him with thanksgiving and praise. Great is 
His faithfulness. Strong is our praise. Let your 
thanksgiving be filled with praise."

Some thoughts today: Eternity beats in the heart. We're 
all aware that life goes on beyond death. The question is: 
Where will you go? What will you be doing?

~ We know we're created for something greater. Jesus 
invites us to an unbroken Life with Him. He can remove 
death's sting, by our receiving His Atonement at Calvary 
some 2,000 years ago! (see 1 Thess. 4:16 - 18)

~ Our Eternal God has made Himself visible through things 
He made. (see Rom. 1:20) so we are without excuse.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

#116 The Pitfall of Unguided Prayer

C. Peter Wagner: "I have mentioned several times that intimacy with the Father through prayer and seeing clearly what the Father is doing is crucial for effective warfare praying.

Without this our prayers can be unguided, and therefore weak. Wesley Duewel says,

    'When you confine your intercession to your own understanding, you not only may miss God's intent but may hinder His plan. Wait on God until He confirms His will to you.' Mighty Prevailing Prayer (Grand Rapids, MI: Francis Asbury Press of Zondervan Publishing House, 1990), p.258).

This, of course, requires listening to God in prayer.

I like the story Duewel tells about Mrs. Ed Spahr, an intercessor who was awakened in the night to pray for Jerry Rose, a missionary in Iran Jaya.

This was so clear and at such a specific time that she wrote to Jerry Rose the next day and told him about it. Four other letters arrived from prayer partners telling him that God had them praying at exactly the same time.

At the time all five were praying, Rose was standing with his arms tied behind his back and a Stone Age savage was preparing to thrust a spear through his body!

But before he could do it, another man from the tribe stepped up, said something to the spearman, and they immediately released Jerry!

This is an example of guided prayer, the kind of prayer that moves the forces of darkness." Ibid., p.260

(Google image and my emphasis added)

#116 The Pitfall of Unguided Prayer
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 190, 191)) Regal Books

    Father, use me to pray for others, and may I be sensitive to times they are in dire need of it.

    In my daily prayer time, help me       cover my friends and family in effective, fervent prayer.
    We find it's so easy to go about our daily activities, and not see the importance of our praying for others.
    May I be more diligent to be available to Your leading when prayer is needed.
    I ask this is Jesus' Name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 33:20 "Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield."

Today’s quote: Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "In the busyness of today's world, prayer often gets squeezed out of our schedules. But communion with the Lord is vital to a healthy, vibrant relationship with Him. Remember that lifting our loved ones before God's throne is far more important then many tasks which seem more pressing." (Taken from p. 55 in IN TOUCH a publication of the In Touch Ministries / August 2014)

Some thoughts today: Abraham trusted God  inspite of his failures and impatience. God rewarded his faith, and Abraham ended up doing just what God had planned, which benefits all of us now.

~ Jesus defeated sin, sickness, suffering and death. He extends all that He has to us; such as a glorious inheritance, victory over sin and eternal life with Him. (Rom. 5:15-19This comes by receiving Him as our Lord and Savior.

~ There is now condemnation in Jesus. Do you think God doesn't love us when troubles come? (Rom. 8:34 - 39). God is for us! We're hidden in His Son. No matter what, we win!

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ourselves concerning the use of our time:  
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#115 The Pitfall of Lack of Personal Intercession

C. Peter Wagner: "I believe intercession for Christian leaders is the most under-utilized source of spiritual power in our churches today.

   In fact, my next book in this series is projected to be on that subject.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Power of a Single Act

James H. Cagle: ""For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous." (Rom.5:19)

We are all daily impacted by the actions of others. What people do always affects us in either a small or great way, for good or evil, directly or indirectly. 

In a general sense it’s not what people do to us that determines how we turn out, but rather how we choose to respond or react to what people do to us.

Two men who lived thousands of years apart each committed one single act that impacted forever all of humanity.

"For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous." (Rom.5:19)

Paul in the above text is speaking of none other than the first man Adam and the last Adam; Jesus Christ. Each of which through a single act played a very vital role in shaping human history. 

Each man’s act was his reaction to God’s revealed will. The first man Adam disobeyed God, and by his disobedience brought sin and death into the world. Death came through sin, it came through man, and came to all man (Rom. 5:12). 

The consequences of his rebellion were alienation from God, suffering, pain, sorrow, destruction, and ultimately if man doesn’t repent eternal damnation.

This head of the human race represented us all. His act of sinful disobedience separated him from God, and also insured that we his descendants were born with a sinful nature, separated from God, destined to eternity in a place called hell. 

In this situation we cannot react or respond in any way that we might eliminate the consequences of Adam’s action upon us. We cannot rid ourselves of our sinful nature no matter how good and moral we might conduct ourselves.

There was nothing humanly speaking that could reverse this sinful act and the condemnation and destruction it brought.

But there was One Who came for the express purpose of showing God’s love for fallen man, and by his single act of obedience to His heavenly Father’s will counteracted forever the sinful act of the first Adam. 

His self-sacrifice and death on Calvary paid in full the debt sinful man owed a Holy God. And had not God responded to Adam’s sin in a way that satisfied His holy law and nature we could never be saved from the fall.

Now through faith in Christ and His finished work of redemption we are delivered from the power of sin, from the consequences of our first father’s act of disobedience. 

By trusting Christ as Lord and Savior we become children of God, receive His nature and Spirit, and have a home in Heaven waiting for us. The power of Adam’s sinful act imparted sin and death to all, but the power of Christ’s act imparts, today, righteousness and eternal life to all who receive Him.

We can choose to remain under the power and condemnation of Adam’s act of disobedience brought on us, or we can choose to accept Christ and rest in His finished work of Calvary. 

Adam’s act was one of selfishness, but Christ’ act was an act of sacrificial love on our behalf.

The Power of a Single Act  
by James H. Cagle

 Father it's with a grateful heart, that I thank You for
providing a way back into Your graces. Open our
hearts to understand the many blessings You offer
through what Christ did on the Cross for us.
Help us realize the enormous sacrifice He made to
be obedient to You in and through it all.
The power of Adam’s sinful act imparted sin and 
death to all, but the power of Christ’s act imparts, today, 
righteousness and eternal life to all who receive Him.
We praise You, Father, and ask  for boldness to 
proclaim this message in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ecc. 11:1 "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days."

Today’s quote:  Mary Southerland"Attitude can transform anything and everything – thoughts, habits, and perspectives. We can literally change our lives by changing the way we think. In Isaiah 26:3 we find the promise, 'You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on You.' A mind filled with thoughts fixed on God will produce a heart filled with praise – and praise is a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal. 
Praise brings healing to our spirit. When we honestly express our trust in God and then choose to give thanks, healing begins. Praise provides a highway upon which the Father conveys deliverance and blessing. Praise invites God to take up residence in the midst of our messy lives and becomes a free-flowing conduit of God’s very presence and power at work in us. God funnels infinite blessings into a life that praises Him. Stress and anxiety fade as peace floods the heart that is filled with praise. "

"Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Cast up a highway for Him who rides through the deserts."
  (Psalm 68:4  ICB)

Some thoughts today: If you won't serve someone else's vision, don't expect God to bless yours. God's more interested in our journey than the eternal outcome.

~ Are you more in love with God through some manifestation you've experienced? Let the glory of God overshadow you, and let it mark you through it.

~ Get a hold of God for yourself! You're the one who has to have a personal, intimate relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus. Don't let Him say someday, that He never knew you... (see Matt. 7:23).
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Simple Beauties that We See

The simple beauties that we see
Reflective of God's majesty
Like little lilies bathed in white
That open to the morning light

Or great majestic Autumn hues
In which it seems our God infused
The colors that reflect a life
Of beauty born amidst the strife

That changes from a living green
To browns and grays with hands unseen
As dormant lies the seed once sown
Until its growing season's known

Are simple lessons we might learn
Of life and how its seasons turn
From birth that holds God's mystery
To golden hues of majesty

For even death as we know now
That lies to rest both stem and bow
Will soon be clothed in purity
When winters robe of white we see

But there will come a time my friend
When seasons of this type will end
And lessons from the seasons learned
Will with eternity be turned

Into a constant spring of green
Where flowers bloom and nature sings
The glories of our God and King
Who made this world and everything

That speaks of love and glory bright
That flows from endless realms of light
Reflective of His majesty
Restored to what was meant to be

For God has not designed that we
Should simply live til death we see
But made us for eternity
In holiness and burden free

Until the man and his dear wife
Believed the one who took their life
When they believed the serpents lie
That they would live and never die

So for this God prepared that we
Might learn as we could yearly see
His plan to restore life again
To those who put their trust in Him

So do not fear as death will bring
Its temporary halt to things
But trust in what God promised you
If you will sin and self subdue

And walk in faith with head held high
Accept the rest if you must die
And know this with all certainty
That God bought your eternity

When Jesus died to pay the price
And that His blood would here suffice
To make you whole from sin set free
And dwell with Him eternally

Luke 12:27,28; Ecclesiastes 3:1 

& 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

November 13/15

    Father, as I look to You each day, may my eyes be opened to see the beauty all around me.

     Cause me to view Your creation with wonder and amazement at Your creativity and generosity in providing it all for me.
     Remind me that there is new life waiting to spring forth, both in the earth, as well as in my own soul.
     I ask for my heart to be restored daily, that I will be able to be intimate with You, my Savior and my God.
    I ask this in Your precious name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Micah 6:8 "He shewed thee, O man, what is good: and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

Today’s quote: Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "The Holy Spirit is our power source, He indwells every believer in Christ, transforming character, revealing truth, and enabling obedience to God. Our Creator wants us to know Him. Isn't that amazing? He invites us to enjoy an intimate relationship with Him. Every day we have the privilege of opening His Word and speaking with our loving God. He's waiting for you..." (Taken from p. 36 of IN TOUCH magazine, Daily Readings for Devoted Living / Nov. 2015).

Some thoughts today:  It's up to us to explore the ability of the Holy Spirit to change us in our walk with God. When we're trapped in some habits, and find it's impossible to stop them, cry out to the Holy Spirit for His help. He will turn your ashes into beauty.

Are you going nowhere? accomplishing nothing? God can use an unlikely person to minister to you with God's words of direction, as most likely they'll have "been there, done that," and have gotten the victory.    

~ If you visit a church where folks are praising God in the heavenly languages, stick around, as God will show you what is taking place. When eternity invades your heart, nothing else will satisfy you.                  

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