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Thursday, March 17, 2016

#26 How to Further Approach to the Throne

Wesley L. Duewel: The more fully you share the situation with the Lord, the more easily you will be able to prevail in prayer. {How we approach Christ's throne is continued from our last post#25 Your Welcome to the Throne}

4) Approach the throne with faith. A throne is a place where  royal answers are given, where needs are presented and discussed. It is the place where the king makes decisions.

Remember, when you are a child of God, you do not come as a roving beggar, hoping to get crumbs and leftovers. You come as a prince and member of the royal family.

You come as an official of the King's court. You come as the kingdom partner and prayer partner of the Son of the king.

During the days of the Persian empire, only the most privileged of the nobility were permitted to stand in the presence of the king, and then only a few at a time.

It was thought to be the highest privilege of human being. Gut you are given permanent and instant access to the throne room of the king of the universe at anytime.

You are commanded to come and ask. Remember, prevailing prayer is primarily for things related directly or indirectly to the King's own interests and desires.

If you ask help or a favor from another, how much more can you petition the Almighty God for that which causes Him no embarrassment of loss but, on the contrary, advances His kingdom. 
Charles Spurgeon urged,

   "When we pray, we are standing in the palace, on the glittering floor of the great King's own reception room, and thus we are placed upon a vantage ground. In prayer we stand where angels bow with veiled faces; there, even there, the cherubim and seraphim adore, before that selfsame throne to which our prayers ascend" [Twelve Sermons on Prayer]

5) Approach the throne with love and joy. Approach eagerly and lovingly, for God is your Father. Approach with loving gratitude for all God's goodness to you.

Remember how faithful He has been to you. Approach with love burning and glowing in your heart for Jesus, for His kingdom, and for those you pray for. Love because God loves.

Approach the throne with eager joy. You are asking for things God longs to do. He has ordained that, even though He desires to do what you ask for, normally He does not act until you pray.

God is thus even more glad for you to come in prevailing prayer than you are glad for the opportunity. Your prayer time is always a joy time to the Lord.

Approach with joy because you have the privilege, instant access, and eager welcome at the throne. Approach with joy because God's throne is a throne of grace.

Approach with joy because of all God's "very great precious promises" (2 Peter 1:4). Approach rejoicing not only for what God is able to do but also for what you are expecting Him to do.

But there is something even greater and more amazing than access to the throne. The Bible also assures you that you actually sit down with Christ on His throne.

Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana
#26 How to Further Approach the Throne
by Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 45-47) Zondervan 

(Google image and my emphasis added)

    Father, help us to remember that You're inviting us to come eagerly and joyfully to Your throne of grace and mercy
    May we also realize that You are eager for is to come with full expectation that You're not only listening, but willing to fulfill our requests, when they line up with what You want to accomplish.
    May we keep in mind Your various precious promises that are available to us as believers because of Christ's sacrificial death, resurrection and ascension to where He is on His throne today!
    I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 115:14 "The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children."

Today’s quote: "He [Paul) had such a sense that everything must come from above, and such a faith that it would come in answer to prayer, that prayer was neither a duty nor a burden but the natural turning of the heart to the only place from which it could possibly obtain what it sought for others." (p. 118 in The Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray).

Our thought today: Live in cooperation with the Lord. You'll become much happier! He knows what's best, and He can lead you each step of the way.

Our question today: Why is it we refuse to be obedient to the Creator of all things, when He wants so much to welcome us to His throne of mercy and grace?

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