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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#33 You Must Prevail Over Situations

Dr. Wesley L. Duewel: The situations about which you pray are often very complex. There may be so many interrelated aspects that it is almost impossible to discover what is hindering or blocking the way.

Organizational structures, government laws, traditions, or habits of thinking and long-established methods may be so involved and intricately intertwined that prayer answers seem impossible.

The bring about changes in some aspects of situations, the actions of a number of people must be coordinated and timed in such detail that there always seems to be something hindering.

Once you get prayer answers for one aspect of a situation, you may discern other hindering factors.

It may take a whole series of prayer answers before an exceedingly complex situation yields to the will of God. This process may require extended periods of prayer.

Repeated roadblocks and unyielding complex situations can leave you frustrated and almost hopeless.

Never say "impossible"  when you are praying for something in the will of God. God is sovereign over nature and over people.

God can act in wisdom, grace, and power until one aspect of a situation after another yield with a divine domino effect until God's complete answer is given and His full will done.

Never rule out an intervening act of God. Never doubt the possibility of miracle.

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Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana

Mighty Prevailing Prayer
#33 You Must Prevail Over Situations

by Dr. Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 56-57) Zondervan

Let's pray-

     Father, may we not dwell on our "impossibilities" staring us in our faces.
    Increase our faith to believe You in what You've impressed us with, so we can continue to believe that what seems impossible to us, You are working. 
     Things can turn around for the good of everyone involved.
    There may very well be a need of extended praying, so guide us in every detail, while we wait to see what Your will is in our prayer needs.
    We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse-

(Ps. 116:17)"I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD."

Today’s quote- 

   "The death of Jesus is the only entrance into the life He lived. We cannot get into His life by admiring Him, or by saying what a beautiful life His was, so pure and holy. To dwell only on his life would drive us to despair. We enter into His life by means of His death.
   Until the Holy Spirit has had His way with us spiritually, the death of Jesus Christ is an insignificant thing, and we are amazed that the New Testament should make so much of it.
   The death of Jesus Christ is always a puzzle to unsaved human nature. Why should the Apostle Paul say, 

    'For I determined not to know any thing among you, 
     save Jesus Chris, and Him crucified'? [1 Cor. 2:2] 

Because unless the death of Jesus has the meaning the Apostle Paul gave  to it, viz., that it is the entrance into His life, the Resurrection has no meaning for us either." Oswald Chambers from his book, Devotions for MORNING ans EVENING with OSWALD CHAMBERS, my 1994 copy, p.209)

Our thought today-

The word of a true prophet can cause a change of plans, but still give witness to what the Lord has impressed the person with. "The laying on of hands" is one way God uses to minister to His people. When the church witnesses to the truth of what the prophet is saying about someone, we're encouraged by what they're told.

Our question today-

If your church will be having Presbytery meetings, why not attend and see what will be said for encouragement and enlightenment for everyone concerned?

Christian Fellowship Center churches of the North Country, will be having their annual Presbytery meetings from 4/15-20th at their various locations-

Friday, April 15: 7 pm at CFC Madrid
Saturday, April 16: 1 pm at CFC Potsdam
Saturday, April 16: 6 pm at CFC Potsdam 
Sunday, April 17: 6 pm at CFC Madrid [Canton church plant folks will be given prophetic words!]
Monday, April 18: 7 pm at CFC Potsdam
Tuesday, April 19: 7 pm at Gouverneur Christian Fellowship
Wednesday, April 20: 7 pm Madrid [Special prophetic words for our churches concerning our giftings].

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