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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Most Dangerous Game

James H. Cagle: "Sports are a multi-million dollar business. Some sports are safer than others.

In order to win championships players risk getting concussion, or broke limbs. These risks players take in hope of experiencing that short lived rush that we call "the thrill of victory."

But of all the dangerous games being played and the risk involved there is one game far more dangerous and with risks much higher than them all. This game has more participants than any other game known to mankind. This game is popular worldwide but is most popular in America.

This game of which I speak is called the "religious game" or more often referred to as "playing church."

The idea is to join a church and have your name on the church roll under the assumptions that church membership saves you and that the church roll is synonymous with the "Lambs book of life." 

Of course this idea is false and defies God’s Word that says we must be "born again" (Jn. 3:3, 7).

We’re all born sinners, but many instead of giving their life to Christ and joining the winning team and following the Captain of the team Whose already won the victory, will toy with their soul and play with their eternal destiny until the whistle or trumpet blows and it’s too late to join.

Like most sports the "religious game" is played on Sunday. Like the players of other games we suit-up on Sunday and play the game and then go back to being whom we really are the rest of the week.

This "religious game" is actually a game of pretension or show business. The reason there’s so much show business in the church is you have so many lost people trying to act like Christians.

But God’s never involved in this game. Quite frankly He frowns on it. The devil is seriously involved though, and will play us to the very end. He tells us that "playing church" and having religion is all we need to escape hell and gain heaven. 

And the devil’s game is to keep us believing this lie until it’s to late, and we slip off a padded church pew into the eternal flames of hell.

Many have played this game all their life. They have a perfect attendance record, served on boards and committees, and held many offices and positions and may be highly esteemed in the church. 

But though a person may spend their entire life in church and serve the church, if they haven’t been "born again" they won’t spend one split second inside that city called Glory (Mt.7:21-23).

This "religious game" is the most dangerous game because once you’re called out of the game you must face the awful reality of the penalty for not being real with yourself and God.

You’re then awakened to the realization that Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ."

The Most Dangerous Game
By James H. Cagle

Father, forgive any insincerity in my walk with 
You, and reveal what it is that is keeping m
from a full surrender to Christ.

I know I'm not perfect, and neither is anyone 
else attending my church, but my daily 
living should honor You, regardless.
Open my eyes to any pretension in my
"church going", and help me be sincere.
I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 12:3 "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation."

Today’s quote: K. P. Yohannan - "Christ is calling every believer to come apart and enjoy spiritual intimacy with Him through various aspects of prayer; adoration, confession, intercession, listening, thanksgiving, petition, praise, singing and waiting on Him.

This is not an invitation open only to a few "dare-saints"but as access into the presence of God offered to all New Testament believers. And it is all of grace through faith. God wants to have this intimacy with us more than we will ever know." (Taken from p. 122 of THE ROAD TO REALITY, Coming Home to Jesus from the Unreal World.

Some thoughts today: Love can be expressed by someone not perfect. God touches individually, and then in a community of believers.

~ God calls us into a sense of relationship. It's important to voice one's commitment to a particular church so the pastor knows who he is pastoring. He'll need your support in prayer, attendance and in financial faithfulness. It takes all three to have a "successful" church that has a good witness in the community.

~ Let others know you care. Be sensitive to one another. At times, when others weep, weep with them. We're to support one another, thus creating a "family" that reaches out to the saved and unsaved alike. God means for this to happen. It's His Heart to use us to minister to one another. Our arms become His.

Peggy L. Hunt - "Look around! Has your life become so cluttered with other stuff that there is no longer room in your heart for Jesus to enter and spend time with you? It might be time to clear the clutter and get rid of whatever is keeping Jesus outside of your life looking in.  Begin now to clear a place of shelter and peace from the storms of life that, unlike damaging hail storms, can come with no warning."

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