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Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 posts

        ~ January ~

1/2- What are Godly Decisions? Part 1

Jean Oathout

3rd-  I Am Resolved

James F. Cagle

5th- #5 The Time Span in Prevailing Prayer

Wesley L. Duewel

7th- #6 The Levels of Prevailing Prayer

Wesley Duewel

9th- Worth Waiting For

Dutch Sheets

10th- Forgiveness Does Not Come to Those

Lee Forbes

12th- #7 Levels of Uniting in Prayer

Wesley L. Duewel

14th- #8 Prevailing Prayer—the Need of the Church
Wesley L. Duewel

16th- What are Godly Decisions? Part 2
Jean Oathout

17th- Celebrate the New Year!
Lisa Buffaloe

19th- #9 God's Priority Work for You
Wesley L. Duewel

21st- #10 God is Searching for People to Prevail
Wesley Duewel

23rd- Just Checking in Today

Author unknown

24th- Behind the Song: Grace Greater Than Our Sins!

Diana Leagh Matthews

26th- #11 We are Failing God

Wesley L. Duewel

28th- #12 Wanted: Giants in Prayer

Wesley L. Duewel

30th- The Devil Found an Easy Prey

Lee Forbes

31st- You Could Be Someone's Miracle

Sharon Jaynes

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