Faith Messages to build your faith



Praying for Pastors 

What is Meant by "The Secret Place" of Prayer? 

What's the Good of Prayer?  

Be an Armor-Bearer  

A Day to Pray  

What to Pray For

Prayer Can Change a Marriage 

Healing Prayers by Charles and Frances Hunter

Posts from INTERCESSORY PRAYERS, by Dutch Sheets

Posts From PRAYER SHIELD by C. Peter Wagner

Posts From Warfare Prayer by C. Peter Wagner


Repentance, What Does it Look Like?

Where Can We Find Rest?  

Be Still  

Time of Refreshment

Put That Burden Down!

Under the Juniper Tree

Making My Heart Sit Down

Refreshed and Restored

Do You Believe God Sees Your Need?

How Will You Answer God's Call?

Don't Miss the Beautiful

Fret-Free Living for You  

Trust God With Your Time  

A Letter From God: A Must Read  

Grace and Peace  

When Trust is all You Have 

Stubborn Peace  

Christ in the Storm  

Close Relationship with God  

   ~Character Building~


Masterpiece in the Making    

Problems Have a Purpose  

What Does Our Christianity Produce Practically?  

So, What is the "Work" of God?  

Crisis Always Reveal Character   

Do We Know What God's Up To?

Check List of Flaws and Assets   

Why Do We Procrastinate? Do it Now!   

Can We Know What True "Holiness" Is?

After Surrender—What?

What Temptations do Christians Face?    

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