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March 20th    Unconditional Love: What is it?

April 5th-        Living With Hope

May 6th-         What Needs Some Restoration?

      26th-          Why We Need to Forgive

      29th-          What is a Good Disciple?

June 16th-       Why Did He Go to the Cross?

      30th-          How CAN I Forgive?

July 15th-        Have you known Rejection?

      21st -          The Bible: Be Careful How You Handle It!

August 9th-      Me? Follow a Budget?

      19th-           Stop Doing It! But How?

Nov. 30th-        What Defines You?

Dec. 14th-        An Occasion With a Lasting Impression


Jan. 5th-         Judgmental Opinions

Feb. 2/2          Why I Am a Christian

    23rd-          What Happens When We Say "Yes" to God?

March 23- Things that Make Me Happy

April 13th- How DO We Honor Christ?

May 4th- Let Me Explain

June 15th- Part 1- How CAN we hear from God? (7 of 21 ways)

21st- Part 2- How CAN we hear from God? (8-14 of 21 ways)

22nd- Part 3- How CAN we hear from God? (15-22 ways)

July 27th- Discernment vs. Criticism Part 1

Aug. 2nd- Discernment vs. Criticism Part 2

10th- Doubt vs. Faith

30th- What's in it For You?

31st - Christian Benefits

Oct. 4th- Why Perform Acts of Kindness?

Nov. 29th- Our Friends


Jan. 4th- What About You?

Jan. 25th- We All Have A Part

Feb. 8th- Water Baptism

Feb. 28th- What's the Difference Between Worry and Concern?

March 29th- Why Choose Jesus?

April 18th- What If?

June 7th- The Value of Church Membership

July 12th- In God's Hand

Aug. 22nd- Plans that Change

Oct. 10th- Why Wait?

Oct. 31st- Soul Winning Made Easy


Jan. 2nd- What are Godly Decisions? Part 1

Jan. 16th- What are Godly Decisions? Part 2

Feb. 21st- Benefits of Reading the Bible

Mar. 12th- Where can we Go?

April 10th- Signs of a Real Christian

May 1st- When You Pray...

May 21st- Lord, Save Us! We're Perishing!

June 19th- Have You Ever Wondered?

July 17th- Are You Bitter?

Sept. 1st-  Resurrection Power!

Oct. 14th-  Your Friends are Important

Dec. 10th-  Do You Trust in God?

Dec. 31st- Why Make Him Lord?

   ~ 2017 ~

1/14th-  Locked Into Love
10/7th- Sanctification

12/16th- Our Challenge: A Sanctified Life

2/17th- So, Tell Me About Forgiveness

3/3rd- 20 of 60 Benefits of Praying in Tongues

3/10th- 20 More Benefits of Praying in Tongues

3/17th- The Last 20 of 60 Benefits of Praying in Tongues

          ~ 2018 ~

4/14th- Offenses Will Come

5/12- Does God Know You?

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